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#448 - anon (01/31/2012) [-]
Hi funnyjunk. I just wanted you to all know that Jutin Bieber is a lyrical mastermind. his deep voice is sexy as **** just like his manly sexy body. you should all show him some more respect. kthx?
#462 to #448 - anon (01/31/2012) [-]
funny how you all call him a troll. but you still respond. newLamar Smiths.
User avatar #473 to #462 - andalitemadness (01/31/2012) [-]
We respond not just to call him a troll, but to point out how bad he is at trolling so he will not get the impression he successfully trolled us from the pinkies down. Anon's have no opinion.
User avatar #461 to #448 - mrbuffuck (01/31/2012) [-]
<-------- there is my cock. suck it.
#457 to #448 - Sentel (01/31/2012) [-]
At least you tried.
At least you tried.
#454 to #448 - andalitemadness (01/31/2012) [-]
This is one of the worst examples of attempted trolling I've every seen.
#453 to #448 - NotoriousSAV (01/31/2012) [-]
its funny you say this as anon
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