Eyecatching title. Sorry about the Defiance thing guys, but you can stop commenting about it now.. Daniel Craig Johnny he Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2012) The
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Eyecatching title

Sorry about the Defiance thing guys, but you can stop commenting about it now.

Daniel Craig Johnny
he Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2012) The Rum ' ,
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Submitted: 01/28/2012
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#221 - adammccartney (01/29/2012) [-]
the first 2 don't count, cause he has to look the same cause he has to look like James Bond
#218 - herrdouchebag (01/29/2012) [-]
Uuuh... I don't get it...
Uuuh... I don't get it...
#213 - victoriaowsnett (01/29/2012) [-]
Daniel Craig looks the same in every movie

Johnny Depp looks like a completely different person in every movie

Is it really that hard?
User avatar #207 - happytoaster (01/29/2012) [-]
nope. The girl with the dragon tattoo was released in 2011
User avatar #206 - mads ONLINE (01/29/2012) [-]
Wow Johnny Depp has had some really good make-up artists
#203 - thephoenix (01/29/2012) [-]
cos i don't
cos i don't
#219 to #203 - vizz (01/29/2012) [-]
The key is in the pictures. Notice anything about how Johnny Depp looks so different while daniel looks the same.
#220 to #219 - thephoenix (01/29/2012) [-]
but he really should specify, although that's just a pretty obvious observation.
#202 - anonymous (01/29/2012) [-]
**anonymous rolled a random image posted in comment #70 at shut up and take my money! **
I don't get it but here's a random picture roll
#212 to #202 - feragon (01/29/2012) [-]
**feragon rolled a random image posted in comment #435 at Really School? **
User avatar #200 - sutrakama (01/29/2012) [-]
It looks like Daniel Craig did a lot of crack the past few years!
#198 - yesboss (01/29/2012) [-]
in 2 of those films daniel craig is the same person so it'd be dumb if he didnt look the same, also johnny depps characters mean he has to look different like the mad hatter or a pirate whereas craigs characters are all just modern day men
#209 to #198 - isradam (01/29/2012) [-]
cowboy = modern day man
cowboy = modern day man

#217 to #209 - yesboss (01/29/2012) [-]
compared to a pirate from the 1800's, yes it is
#215 to #209 - anonymous (01/29/2012) [-]
Yes it does.
#196 - anonymous (01/29/2012) [-]
My friend, next time you post something, make it clear what point you're trying to get across. I spent an hour trying to figure out why the hell I was looking at pictures of Johnny Depp and Daniel Craig.
User avatar #188 - victoryismine (01/29/2012) [-]
I'm not sure I understand what this post is about?OH PEEcould you explain please? Or anyone??
#191 to #188 - dawkz ONLINE (01/29/2012) [-]
**dawkz rolls 90** the point is that Johnny Depp looks different in every single one of his films. He's basically trying to say that johnny depp is a better actor...
User avatar #199 to #191 - sammichconsumer (01/29/2012) [-]
That and "eyecatching title" Daniel Craig's movie starring titles get less interesting and Johnny Depp's get more exciting.
User avatar #205 to #199 - thephoenix (01/29/2012) [-]
i think you've just done the classic English teacher thing their and tried to see a metaphor that isn't there, he just but that title for the fun of it, and for some funnies, although it is eye-catching.
#223 to #205 - victoryismine (01/29/2012) [-]
*I *there *put
*I *there *put
User avatar #224 to #223 - thephoenix (01/29/2012) [-]
thank you my grammar Nazi brother, difficult to do do grammar and such whilst inebriated xD
User avatar #208 to #205 - sammichconsumer (01/29/2012) [-]
I'm pretty sure the titles of the movies suggest deterioration of the actor and the appeal the title has (more english teachering, i'm used to it since we are expected to do it at school).
User avatar #210 to #208 - thephoenix (01/29/2012) [-]
i don't think the Rum diaries is quite as interesting as cowboys and aliens (despite it being a different film on the post. but that might be personal opinion and i hate it when English teachers put more thought into the book than the actual writer
User avatar #211 to #210 - sammichconsumer (01/29/2012) [-]
Since some fjers like booze, they would find it more interesting. And I do get irritated by teachers who do that.
User avatar #214 to #211 - thephoenix (01/29/2012) [-]
Teacher: And if you count how many connectives are on this page you will find there are sixty, this is the same number of moons as Saturn and this is the author trying to say that the main character used to be an astronaut in a previous life and that they died age sixty and if you half 60 and times it by the length of a football field you will know exactly what the author was trying to get across in this page, in this description of a lawn chair. I EXPECT THIS LEVEL OF EXPERT ON THE TEST.
User avatar #216 to #214 - sammichconsumer (01/29/2012) [-]
Might as well be that extensive. He tells us "we need to find the deeper meanings in text so we can fully understand the mind of an author", so we write some ******** about a phrase in the book and get A's.
User avatar #192 to #191 - victoryismine (01/29/2012) [-]
Oh ok I thought that might be why. Thanks.
#187 - rumbybumby (01/29/2012) [-]
the third one with daniel craig is defiance
#185 - anonymous (01/29/2012) [-]
I'm thinking its showing how Depp is a completely different character in every movie while Craig is basically playing the same type of character in every single movie

User avatar #184 - jennyg (01/29/2012) [-]
lol Daniel Craig keeps looking the left
User avatar #183 - fluffymcnutter (01/29/2012) [-]
I don't get it...

Am I missing something or is this just a filmography of 2 random actors?
User avatar #180 - zhon (01/29/2012) [-]
SO what does this actually show?
#179 - hizuki (01/29/2012) [-]
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