Awkward Brother Story 3. If I had a nickel for everyone of these I'd be a millionaire. Here are 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9 as well: /funny_pictures/3225772/Awkward+Brother Awkward Brother Story 3 If I had a nickel for everyone of these I'd be millionaire Here are 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 as well: /funny_pictures/3225772/Awkward+Brother
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Awkward Brother Story 3

Could you go and
Cumming find your brother
hame fram Derpette? I need
inner to talk to him.
My family
to see my
and his *
walking up the stairs when I
ED Dad. T start hearing
bet he ls upstairs!
yesh harder*
T get upstairs,
and see his door
wide open*
give it to me*
The Image of my brother "'relaxing Sure I wasnt
having sex will soar me seeing thingss*
I ran away without
a sound*
I tried ta Dhh Harrypp we' re Why
contain my don' t you aome down stairs
laughter as with your little lady'?
parents of my
Troll mom engage*
We here frantic sounds and
whispering before he runs
Oh hey guys. I was
just umm watching
a uhh movie in my
completely clueless
he has on his
girlfriends shirt*
Troll dad I choose youj*
Nah, she couldnt
so was your make it tonight. '
girlfriend up Something about
there with you babysitting
still clueless*
He finnaly looks down and
panics, but its to late
becasue we' re already
Well it just
warms my heart laughing our guts out*
to know that I
have two
instead of one!
He started closing
and looking his door after
I' m just glad he was inside
this time, but thats another
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