You lying bro?. . How To Spot A Liar Statistics About Lying Mare than we of women admit 01 Sth f I to occasionally Ruling what they “mi: (l" ian' ,, insidee har didnt read
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You lying bro?

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How To Spot
A Liar
Statistics About Lying
Mare than we of women admit 01 Sth f I
to occasionally Ruling what they “mi: (l" ian' ,,
insidee harmless ha) Narutos. .
their resumes.
13% or patients he to their doctors according to a study
1, 500 respondents.
we say they" stretched the truth" when who that doctors
personal information,
Nearly was lied about mowing a doctor' s treatment plan and more
than 30% lied about their diet and exercise regimens.
awe oi people he atleast one People he more often
during a conversation over the telephone than
and on average tell two to in any other form of
three lies communication
on average, men tell so lies per day to their partner, boss
and work colleagues, but women tell lust three
The must common lie told by both sexes was Nothing‘:
wrong I' m fine.'
Did you break into that house?
No, Mid not break into that house!
i 1. Listen to Verbal Context
and Content
What are you who here?
Did you try to break into
that house’
often use your
words when
a question,
no I did not try to break
into that house!
b. Allar will... ' Did you tryto breakfa
thath ?
a any
without using
ididn‘ mid not!
alien avoid "lying" by
making indirect
statements wath Did I look like I was trying to
impaled . break into that house?
Did t b K t
alter: speak more than
is necessary to try and
become more
i did willy to break in!
i was blah blah blah blah blah
when blah blah Nth . '
e, A liar will... no you try to break into
me" leave out that house?
Pronouns and
when' answering ,
question. NO, I DID NUT
f. A liar willeh Did you try to break into
huddle, that house?
am NOT NO,
Try I : lindo
That Empty Home
o 2. Study the Body Language
a. Stiff Body
c we contact
a, someone will often have b, nothing ones face,
a soil physical throat or mouth can
with few arm and hand indicate deception.
movements. They will Touching or scratching the
unconsciously try to make their nose or behind the ear is
may occupy less space. also men an indication M
c, A person who is we will likely d, A liar is unlikely to touch
wold eye . their own chest/ heart
with an open hand.
We are on our laydown "
the police station lot some
3. Note Emotional Gestures
Indicates Emotion Question Subjects Emotion
Milli ' © ©
may an
a. you can anon tell if someone is lying if:
They display emotion kmg ulcer Ming asked o question.
Thefpshow too much too long on time
They their emotion. men abruptly my showing emotion.
b, mu can often tell If someone is we ii there ls a time can between
a person showing emotion and verbally responding to a question.
Far example, if someone were to receive a at and warm "I love no and
smile only any making the statement, as opposed to smiling during, or
before they made the statement, they are probably being deceptive.
c. you can often tell it someone is I e if there is contradiction
between the " (intent of the so has response and the emotions
they are it play
someone some " have tou" while
d. When someone is taking an
emotion, their expats on is
when limited to their mouth
instead or their whale face.
This can be especially obvious
when someone is faking a smile.
sorted or "polite"
smile. only muscles
directly around the
mouth are involved
h Natural smile.
Many fad muscle groups are used
involuntarily. The braked muscle
will push down, the cheeks and jaw
will move, and the nose may wrinkle
The easiest way to spot a real smile
is to look at the eyes in a natural
smile, the eyes become "wished"
and may create "crows feet." only
a small % of people can voluntarily
move these eye muscle to "fake"
a "real" smile.
MP. Interactions and Reactions
a. A guilty poison will often at
Gr where as an
innocent person will often so
on the offensive.
b. A liar is usually
lacing " questioner or accuser
and will likely turn their head or
body away from the person
accusing them
c A list will omen
place an object (such as a hook,
glass, an between themselves
and their accuser
ck 5. Look Closely at Micro expressions
a. what are and why do they matter?
A ls a involuntary,
facial emulsion that people unconsciously display
when they are " an emotion. they are quick &
intense ewes ens of concealed emotion,
b. Giannini M : Sad
Creased forehead,
Happy waveing chin
Crow' s leer,
crinkled eyelids,
raised up corner
Slight sheen
raised side of
mar mouth
Raised eyebrow,
parted lips
Eyebrows raised,
eyes wide open,
Anger mouth wide open
Furrowed eyebrows,
frowning mouth.
chin jutting out
narrowed was
Narrowed eves.
wrinkled nose,
parted mouth
The Main Points to Remember
About :
They are brief - appear and disappear
on the face in a (union Ma second. in other words,
occur so quickly that most people
don even home them.
They are Involuntary - A is caused by
involuntary movements in lanai muscles, Most
people cannot control these involuntary muscles
which are affected by their emotions.
are generally grouped into seven
universal emotions: anger, disgust, fear, sadness,
happiness. surprise, and contempt.
6. Learn To Study the Eyes
Eyes can sometimes be a good indicator of
deception, although they can he to
read correctly, it would be foolish to make a
mall without further investigation.
By how the was portray
thought processes, it is possible to spot
between what you are being
mid and what the person is actually
thinking. The following are 6 common visual
access cues.
Up and Keft Up and right
Visually Visually
images we) C Images (vi)
Imagine acurate What color was the
bukkits, first house you lived in?
To the not To the right
Auditory Auditory
Constructed an (Al)
Try and create Remember what
the sound moor your mother' s voice
write singer in sounds are
your head,
Down and left Down and right
Wrtpmv/ ) O q internal ( AI)
smell on campfire?
Wis‘ is
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