Masturbation Joke Comp 2. Part 3 is now up: /funny_pictures/3221387/Masturbation+Joke+Comp+3 Link to part 1: /funny_pictures/3214064/Masturbation+Joke+Comp/. Ma masturbation comp joke
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Masturbation Joke Comp 2

Masturbation Joke Comp 2!!
Acoording to the first one of these, a DDT
of people are right handed, but masturbate
with their left, with no lube, and have never
been caught
Again, hope it makes you lolla
What' s the meet sensitive part of your body when masturbating"?
Your ears.
T admit that looks aren' t everything
but for all the ugly self pitying
you oan' t masturbate to personality
T was masturbating at a blind girl the other dag
She never saw me ocming.
Is it just me, or does everybody else find that they
become very picky when it ohmes to their porn?
I am the
T was jacking off to this TV show last night when my girlfriend
walked in, T panicked and quickly oranged the channel and a program
about disfigured babies ohme on. She saw what T was doing and
now thinks that T get turned on by disfigured babidi.
T mean how unlucky is that, the same
program being on at the same
time on two different channels.
T didn' t have much time for this due to exams, ',. . ,
but I' ll make another one if this gets loo ',
Sorry about the bacon from last time.
T put the wrong guy incharge of it ---- -->
This time we shall give bacon
sandwiches to all who don' t skilly
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