If You're Here, Bro. Send me that message . . . I'm sorry if you get offended by what is said in this, but remember, this is the INTERNET. Nothing here matters  Religion Westboro Military
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If You're Here, Bro

If You're Here, Bro. Send me that message . . . I'm sorry if you get offended by what is said in this, but remember, this is the INTERNET. Nothing here matters

Send me that message
I'm sorry if you get offended by what is said in this, but remember, this is the INTERNET. Nothing here matters and the things said don't have any significant impact on the world. Believe what you want to believe and let me continue to laugh at it. That's the beauty of this place. We can say whatever we want and it doesn't even matter.

Ital omegle Talk to stranger's
You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol
Question to discuss:
Are you saved? If you die tonight, would you go to heaven?
Stranger: I' m the antichrist actually
Stranger: so
Stranger: theres that
You: Too bad the consept of Christianity is bullshit
Stranger: “THIS
You: Thanks bro
Stranger: ugh be more right honestly
Stranger: its upsetting to me
You: It' s hard being an athiest in the Bible belt
Stranger: i mean like i get why people have the religion its great to
believe in something but really get oft your high horse and look at
Stranger: seriously all my friends are christian and its hard to tell
them I' m atheist in fear that they' ll hate me
You: Can' t understand science? TRY RELIGION!
Stranger: failing science class? drop out and take religion class!
You: If they really are your friends, they won' t care what your
religious wows are
Stranger: i know but itsjust hard to tell them
You: and it really grinds my gears that there actually CLASSES for
Stranger: honestly. stop trying to shove your religion down my
You: Religion is like a penis
You: It' s to have one
You: Its to be proud of it
Stranger: but don' t go around shoving it down kids' throats.
You: But don' t go waving it in public
You: and that
Stranger: YAY
You: The Westboro Chruch fuckers came within 1 mile of my house
a few years ago
Stranger: wait who are they
Stranger: educate me x_ x
You: oh science, prepare to lose all faith in humanity
You: brb
You: I was going to shoot these fuckers
Stranger: I' m watching it
You: If you like prank calling, hers the cunts phone number
You: ‘here' s
Stranger: WHAT
Stranger: WHAT
Stranger: somebody please shoot them
You: I come from a military family, I have the materials
Stranger: my grandmother served in the air force
Stranger: this is terrible
You: My grandfather fought at Okinawa, first 2 years of Korea, and
was a military MP and Drill Instructor
Stranger: i hate these people
You: My dad actually had to knock him out to keep from shooting
these fuckers
Stranger: what the fuck how can they think they' re right
Stranger: they hate jaws and Catholics and gays
You: They are radical Christians
You: nuff said
Stranger: why are they better when they make everybody feel
You: More of the religious mind control taken to the extreme
You: I talked to one of the people that come to my workplace
You: He was part of the honor guard, which is basically a bunch of
bikers who guard the fallen soldiers
Stranger: and what happened?
You: Nothing, it' s the best way to mu
You: They want viola nee and they expect it
Stranger: but like, whatdja you guys talk about?
You: Basically how they are the scum of the Earth and that he was
glad Concealed Carry wasn' t passed in my state yet
Stranger: ugh this lady
You: It gets better
You: They have children
Stranger: 11 ofthem
Stranger: fuck
Stranger: i don' t want to live on this planet anymore
You: Look up some of the counter protest
You: People go out of their way to humiliate them
You: Do you go on any websites like Funny Junk, ychan, etc?
Stranger: not ychan, they' re all trolls.
Stranger: funnyjunk sometimes.
You: I mightiest post this
Stranger: you should.
Stranger: these people are the epitome of closed minded
You: if it makes frontpage, you send me a message saying Mulcts
You: BTW
You: Pinkie Pie is best pony
Stranger: i dont understanf
You: Don' t sweat it, man
You: I bet we really gave the person asking the question a fun time
You: Check RI sometime in the near future
You: cya
You have disconnected.
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