You Spoiled Fucks. I really, really, really hate most of these people. I mean I understand disappointments but holy kids these days can't appreciate anything. I
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You Spoiled Fucks

You Spoiled Fucks. I really, really, really hate most of these people. I mean I understand disappointments but holy kids these days can't appreciate anything. I

I really, really, really hate most of these people. I mean I understand disappointments but holy **** kids these days can't appreciate anything. I would say I don't want to live on this planet anymore, but in all honesty I don't want these people to live on this planet anymore.

Anyone got badass pics of farnsworth from futurama? Preferably with guns? We can make a new pop culture reference here

Anyway thumb up if you liked or agree with me that i don't want these people to live on this planet anymore

I' m w Beale's of everyons with the white lehane and I have this ugly
ens I
hymen hendren
Lean Bernard p. 21 Dee
Other then getting a ca me re and a lead this Christmas sue ks.
Retweeted hymn hendren
Gretchen Iill' sanura .r" hes min
I didn' t get an livens faek Christmas I' m seriously w pissed
hymn hendren
Mather Mature »- Eh
faek Christmas mayne my heather got an iphone and I got a map of
Retweeted hymen hendren
Zachary Bell ". Eh
No livens. hate my dad. B months m get it fue king eunt
hymn hendren
Paul Hayes In
No aphone. I hate my dad.
Retweeted hymn hendren
**** mu we met want the iphone.
hymn hendren
F-‘ sequel . L In Reply " Retweet A Faverite . Open
I An whens, yeah **** mu mem
by Jen hendren
has : i..: seango, masterb Eh
My parents are the worst mother ******* parents in the were faek
mu mom and dad for not getting me a Iphone. **** YOU. FML.
hymn hendren
meals thaadd) . 13 Th
returning my kindle fire and getting an aphone... this is ******** .
hymn hendren
Jake paused j.
******* hate that kindle bullshat. Returning and getting and Fad.
Most definately.
hymn hendren
hem West Long Branch, Nd
Meals intime... in Reply " Fewest A . Open
sslp.... didn' t get a car. net trying m seend greed's haht.. damn..
hymn hendren
yen: naerme rairty_ moriarty Eh
Just wise fer like 2 hrs straight wuss ddidn' t get a car. r.
Retweeted hymn hendren
l? f rem Wahwah, Nd
Lydia Flasks " -.-Lindy Chanel an
was ithe anly person whe didn' t get an mad? i mean met a ear but
thats a different new all together :/
hymn hendren
Andrew 1: and. renew
am lthe wry ens whe didn' t get and aphone
hymn hendren
Kayne Hawk ...
I Am lthe anly ens who didn' t get an lehane fer Christmas .. '?
hymn hendren
Daley Arthur J. Daisys an
Am I the only ens who didn' t get an lehane er a ear? Dang.
Retweeted hymn hendren
w mad I want to cry " I didn' t want anither ******* blackberry
fer Christmas I wanted a pair of means
Retweeted hymn hendren
Masha Legan Th
I keep dropping my baby 1 & I lust be like we how die that happen...
hymn hendren
Julia Eaters -"
I keep yelling WHERE' S MY IPAD at the most inconvenient
times... thank they' ll get the point??
Retweeted hymn hendren
My sister has just killed ma mod we shes got a white ens. And lye
get a ens "-'soetimes and hers is a we bit better
hymn hendren
Him allies .'..r. Samstag dsf Eh
I want the white white laed Instead tat the D:
Retweeted hymn hendren
Bernard .Usernam Wolf
yeah she was saying she was going m upgrade my
lehane 4 inte a white ens hut she elem w its ‘
Bernard -Bernard Well Eh
my mom only got me a diamond earrings. em
future lacked. Elle. my mem get a Heist. heather got a lamp. She
dlsite ms...
hymn hendren
In reply to dares.
Sarah Healer all I Th
I hate how my mom has m ruin Christmas by getting stupid
gifts.. where the hell is the livens I asked fer?! !
In hymn hendren
David LUKE ‘Mel LON den
I' m ******* pissed where is the gee damn mad I asked fer!!!
hymn hendren
Listed Mod Eh
Still didn' t get my ear 1 but I did get a Mahdeek We lap top
hymn hendren
Lauren . Eh
Am I the only we whe didn' t get an iphone or a car fer Christmas?
hymn hendren
was Trap Star Eh
Kinda pissed I didn' t get the [phoned but I got the [pod touch? :/
gene Christmas anyway
hymn hendren
Merry Christmas!" It deosn' t syin feel like it. My mem didn' t get me
me iphone fer was smh.
Retweeted hymn hendren
Heels younes ".'"
Seems like I' m the anly we whe didn' t get an aphone fer Christmas
hymn hendren
Matthew Humphreys :
Didn' t get an Fad fer the secend year in a row. I' m never
eels Christmas again
Retweeted hymn hendren
Eat! " -In Reply " A Faverite ' Open
Didn' t get my damn livens Gauss I need ts "pay fer it myself." Oh
well at least I have a phone now. 'sigh
Retweeted hymn hendren
Matty Gale "-/ finalist an
Retweeted hymn hendren
iipo- C. Th
was supposed to get a ear.. l elem get a ear.. yup
Retweeted hymn hendren
Rachel Ame slams Th
yay for Christmas. but ear a "'
hymn hendren
Didn' t get my ear w not feeling Christmas "L"
hymn hendren
Pawn Henry ' an
Kind of upset I didn' t get a ear
hymn hendren
Samantha opener f. tramantha reel Eh
Pissed I didn' t get a car. 1 oh well merrie Christmas !
Retweeted hymn hendren
Peggy Sue I "f: Th
Well didn' t get a ear so eff this Christmas...
hymn hendren
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#6 - thablonde (01/20/2012) [-]
My brother who is a Lamar Smith and wanted a car for christmas told my dad that it HAD to be a chick magnet or he'd never talk to him again. The picture is my brother's new car, dad totally delivered.
#5 - John Cena (01/20/2012) [-]
Wow I no longer feel guilty for being pissed about getting literally NOTHING from my mother when all I asked for was PandoraOne...
User avatar #4 - azyzil (01/20/2012) [-]
IDD...Once in show some kid cried because he got a brand new fking lexus...

I wish. I wish if those spoiled kids parents would just get a bankruptcy
and they should make tv show of those spoiled kids then whining...
User avatar #1 - megatrollinator (01/20/2012) [-]
Rev up that retoast.
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