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#101 - anonymous (01/19/2012) [-]
the english language existed before america was founded. You know there is a country called Englad. there language is english and has been för a long long time.
User avatar #110 to #101 - bithcwits (01/19/2012) [-]
Some studies on the English accents suggest that in Elizabethan times, the London accent may have sounded more like the Appalachian American accent.
#109 to #101 - derpmageddon (01/19/2012) [-]
"Englad" ain't no country I've ever heard of. They speak English in Englad?
#114 to #109 - ihavecheatson **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#123 to #114 - derpmageddon (01/19/2012) [-]
Last time I checked (today), ain't was still a word. Anyway, I'll just assume you haven't seen the movie Pulp Fiction, as I was making a parody on a quote from the movie. In the quote, ain't is used, so no matter if it's a real word, it's still correct usage.
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#106 to #101 - potsmokingmonkey (01/19/2012) [-]
And how different are American accents to english accents? He said he invented the accent, not the language
#104 to #101 - anonymous (01/19/2012) [-]
Your post is irrelevant to what was in the post. Just sayin'

RED pinkie TEIM
#105 to #101 - raraldor (01/19/2012) [-]
Well yes that is all true, but it says American Accent, not American language, which would be wrong in two ways if that were the case
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