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#5 - mrpenoos
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(01/18/2012) [-]
Don't worry guys I got this, I'm fluent in the language of kindergartners.
Rough Translation:
Dumb-ass: Hello good sir, have you ever gotten the chance of seeing a dinosaur with your own eyes?
Kindergartner : I'm sorry to say they went extinct millions of years ago.
Dumb-ass: How could they possibly be extinct from millions of years if only 2,012 years have passed?
Kindergartner : I'm incredibly angered by your low intelligence.
Dumb-ass: You must be mistaken sir, for you happen to be the one with a low intelligence. It is but a simple algorithm.
Kindergartner : Acknowledge the dinosaurs for me, female dog.
Phew! That took a lot of time to translate.