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My daughter was raped last night.
How can somebody do that kind ofa
thing to a child?
Yeah. Central Park can be a very dangerous
place at night.
How did you know it happened in
Central Park?
Have you been to ychan yeta
Yea, I Just Finished Jerking off to a
midget trap ******** on a dead goat...
I - mun 619151
We SPIN’ 12 owrl
I think Jerry was watching me when
I was in the toilet.
It wasn' t Jerry
Then who was it?
When I was younger, my Dad
raped me
Did he film it?
Taloth? fek _ ifd// atee"
I think our son is gay.
I doubt that. His dick
doesnt taste like **** .
What' s the best thing about
******* twenty three year
There' s twenty of them.
When was the last time you had
sex Charlie?
Actually in my job you have many
occasions to have sex.
But aren' t you working in the
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Submitted: 01/16/2012
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#189 - mystupidaccount (01/19/2012) [-]
one of the funniest things i've seen here in a while.
User avatar #186 - Flammenwerfer (01/17/2012) [-]
Could someone please tell me where this is from? So I can find more of these
#185 - jldragon (01/17/2012) [-]
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#180 - dastonarman (01/17/2012) [-]
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#179 - coloredfolks (01/17/2012) [-]
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#176 - pictureperfectt (01/17/2012) [-]
Heres the guy's picture
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#173 - mrriiceball (01/17/2012) [-]
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#172 - schwarzenschwanz (01/17/2012) [-]
**schwarzenschwanz rolled a random image posted in comment #68 at Life sucks right! ** funny retoast is funny
#171 - twilightrainbowpie (01/17/2012) [-]
MFW I saw the last comic...
#169 - melolsoohard (01/17/2012) [-]
**melolsoohard rolled a random image posted in comment #162 at The Inbetweeners. ** Wut
#182 to #177 - keff (01/17/2012) [-]
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#160 - redditguy (01/17/2012) [-]
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