Cheesecake of Champions. Deds to Favorite if you enjoyed this!.. if you made a graphic cook novel i'd buy it. well illegally download it , anyway
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if you made a graphic cook novel i'd buy it. well illegally download it , anyway
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*sigh* This again?! Before it was the chili, now the cheesecake!

First up, pie crust is stupidly easy to make! Take some biscuits/crackers, smash them up finely, mix with butter, and place in a springform. DONE

Secondly, nutella is also a walk in the park to make! Equal parts nougat and chocolate, same quantity and then some of good, fat cream. Add some butter and vanilla, heat untill everything is dissolved into the cream, and then put into a container. Use when needed.

Apply it in a thin line with an "S"-motion, and then score a knife through the nutella and pumpkin-cheese layer in 2 directions alternating to get a neat marble on that cheesecake.

Also, serving ANY cheesecake, no matter what, ALWAYS have to come with a fruit compot of some sort.
My preferred compot consists of blackcurrant, raspberries, honey, sugar and water. Put it to a boil so you have a rough (very rough) sauce, and then blitz with a kitchen tool to get a smooth consistency. Strain and serve.
To contrast the cold cheesecake, I recommend this sauce served hot and fresh.
It's basic fat versus acid-rules!
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sweet baby jesus have mercy on my cholesterol levels after i eat this
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Did you just make a recipe that INCLUDES SKYRIM?!!!
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Still not all that crazy about Nutella.
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try this...
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No bacon in it?
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sounds delicious! Only I've never seen the pureed pumpkin stuff, I wonder if I can get it around here...
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I might try that if I we had pureed pumpkin in the country I live in.
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holy **** holy **** ....OP i think i love you
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on my way to the store now to get ingredients!
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No, thank you good sir.
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i love this guys cooking tutorials , i hope he makes more , but something that is not sweet , something salty like some meat :)
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The moment you realize this post has more favorites then pinkies up.
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Mm.. Yum.
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looks delicious, may try
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Saved, and guess what ingredients I have leftover from thanksgiving which are oddly still safe to cook with!
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This is not Pintrest.
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