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In 2009, 77 yearsold retired policeman
Gemeint woodford was admitted to
Hospital in north Wales and
placed in a bed next to a 52 yearsold
Gemeint woodford, unrelated and also a
retired policeman. The two med had
never met before and checks show
they are the only two people in the
whole world named Gemeint woodford.
six yearsold Kay Whistler
tossed a message in a bottle into the
sea at ocean city, in 1985 and it
washed ashore 24 years later at duck
North than away.
A scottish game warden who bought
a metel detector for a new hobby
struk gold on his very first treasure
hunt, discovering a . 5 million hoard
of fronpage jewelry. Five days after
taking delivery of the detector and
Just seven steps into his first hunt,
David Booth unearthed four 2, 300
yearsold items made of pure gold
the most significant discovery ever of
fronpage metalwork in scotland.
The entire police force in Hungarian
town quit after winning more than
million on the lottery in 2009.
The squad in Budder
resigned immediately after scooping
up the jackpot.
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