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User avatar #380 - jlanez (01/15/2012) [-]
I'm 17 and I've only had one gf. It lasted for 10 months. I haven't moved on since, I just can't.
User avatar #394 to #380 - Betsybop (01/15/2012) [-]
know that feel too could date again for about a year then i went through two guys really fast (maybe 2-3 months each) waited like 3 months and got my head one straight.

However i don't really regret much (cept the first one i hate that guys guts) cuz it's helped me learn a lot.
Now i got a sweet guy and i thin things are going well.
#389 to #380 - tranminh (01/15/2012) [-]
Best way to do it is to literally fill the hole with something. Find a new obsession or some **** , do something that makes you happy.
#387 to #380 - agape (01/15/2012) [-]
i know that feel all too well
User avatar #386 to #381 - jlanez (01/15/2012) [-]
I gave my heart to her, I just can't take it back and give it away again. It's not right to me.
#413 to #386 - striderchile (01/15/2012) [-]
my fellow fjer, u are a beautiful person, u have to move on with ur life, u have friends, u have family, u have YOURSELF, that's the most important thing. Just do some exercise, go out with ur friends, do some jogging or something, but do something, u can't just stay looking at ur monitor, waiting for her to come back, cuz it won't happen, the good thing is that u learn from this experience, and embrace it.

Good Luck, and u have to know that is better to love than never love, or something like that (english is not my native language).
User avatar #513 to #413 - jlanez (01/15/2012) [-]
Thank you for the advice, I appreciate it.
#930 to #513 - striderchile (01/16/2012) [-]
No problem bro, i had the same problem once, i think we all did, but the life goes on :)
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