Fun with my brother. Edit: FRONTPAGE thx so much to all of you guys! Just some silly idea... yeah he got it already, this content is actually from october 2011. dont read them
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Fun with my brother

Fun with my brother. Edit: FRONTPAGE thx so much to all of you guys! Just some silly idea... yeah he got it already, this content is actually from october 2011.

Edit: FRONTPAGE thx so much to all of you guys!

Just some silly idea...

yeah he got it already, this content is actually from october 2011... but at this time it died in the newest uploads.
I don't know where I safed the reaction Video, but when I find it, I will deliver.

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Submitted: 01/09/2012
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#1 - unloadingmetal **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#72 - bigbootygabriel (01/10/2012) [-]
*His reaction when his brother opens it
*His reaction when his brother opens it
#8 - Alchemyst ONLINE (01/10/2012) [-]
Alright, that was funny.

But you damn well better give him the real thing afterwards.
#140 - Rascal (01/10/2012) [-]
lol applef­ags.
User avatar #175 - walksintomordor (01/10/2012) [-]
"Fun with my brother." - I could have swore this was going to be some sick incest post.
#183 - donatboy (01/10/2012) [-]
Waiting for his face
User avatar #194 - eldeeko (01/10/2012) [-]
Ok so your brother opens his birthday present and sees an old mouse.

Then asks you for the real mouse.

You give him the real mouse.

#166 - roflfat (01/10/2012) [-]
"Hmm, the mouse on the picture in the front is black, but this one is white and clearly has the logitech logo on the bottom, nothing suspicious here...."
User avatar #171 to #166 - plue (01/10/2012) [-]
yep.. oh yeah and nevermind the wire. its a... uh.. design. yes, a design, like a bling bling.. yes that's what it is.
#197 - guruoftoast (01/10/2012) [-]
< The brother
#178 - stuntmanmiks (01/10/2012) [-]
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#132 - Jwako (01/10/2012) [-]
poorRon Paul haters gonna hate
User avatar #142 to #132 - cinematicbrix (01/10/2012) [-]
One of my friends has that to his self built computer. It's called a "Rat", isn't it? That's at least what he calls it
User avatar #144 to #142 - Jwako (01/10/2012) [-]
R.A.T 9 is the model of this bad boy.
User avatar #143 to #132 - heggzor (01/10/2012) [-]
i had this mouse for a year. i cant reccomend it now.

The sensor is very prone to breaking.

if you have a bass or something else that makes the table vibrate its almost useless. the duel sensor makes it very sensitive.
User avatar #146 to #143 - Jwako (01/10/2012) [-]
i alway have my headphones on so i dont use my subwooder anymore... but i can see how annoying that is.
#174 to #132 - dabu (01/10/2012) [-]
Oh, hi son!
User avatar #136 to #132 - ramie (01/10/2012) [-]
My grandpa has that mouse, it's bad ass.

Yes my grandpa he has been gaming since before I was born.
User avatar #138 to #136 - Jwako (01/10/2012) [-]
sounds exceedingly epic.
User avatar #172 to #136 - wiredguy (01/10/2012) [-]
You can't be that old then, huh?
User avatar #207 to #172 - ramie (01/10/2012) [-]
I'm 18
#158 to #132 - timtimtimtim (01/10/2012) [-]
Haha, I use R.A.T 7 as well! Love it!
#187 - dayme (01/10/2012) [-]
I REALLY want to see the results!
User avatar #181 - eight (01/10/2012) [-]
I have never had an expensive mouse so I have two questions. Is it really that much of a difference between any normal mouse when playing a game(they work for me just fine) and also, if you are poor is it worth buying if there is an improvement in gameplay?
User avatar #198 to #181 - GoReMoTe ONLINE (01/10/2012) [-]
I have the mouse thatOH PEEgot for his brother (Razer's Naga), and I have to say that I have never been happier with a mouse. The ergonomics are amazing, the buttons are very responsive and completely re-mappable, and the sensitivity can really get up there. It takes a couple days to get used to, but I noticed an immediate spike in accuracy in Borderlands and Battlefield 3. Skyrim is also much more enjoyable because of the 12 keyboard buttons -- I don't have to worry about moving my left hand all around and finding the home position when I'm done.

If you're strapped for cash, I wouldn't necessarily go with the Naga (as it's ~$70, I believe), but at least consider a cheaper Razer or one of Logitech's higher-end models.
User avatar #184 to #181 - lokisixsixsix (01/10/2012) [-]
My mouse it literally the best thing i have ever bought.

Could never go back to some piece of **** supermarket mouse.
User avatar #185 to #181 - lolcatkiller (01/10/2012) [-]
Have to agree with Lokisixsixsix as well, proper gaming mouses make using them far more comfortable and enjoyable. I have the Razer Deathadder and I absolutely love it.
User avatar #189 to #181 - bosskiss (01/10/2012) [-]
>improvement in gameplay?
No, if you want to be good in a game a mouse,keyboard,headset will not change anything
i myself have both quality good items and low price related items and it doesn't affect the gameplay that much
User avatar #190 to #189 - eight (01/10/2012) [-]
I'm not sure I understand. Your spending an extra hundred dollars for comfort. Yep, I don't think I will bother with getting one. My cheapo mouse is comfortable to me.
User avatar #192 to #190 - bosskiss (01/10/2012) [-]
No, i mean i have a expensive mouse,keyboard,headset
and it doesn't affect the gameplay like with a cheapmouse,keyboard,headset

also i didn't bought them for "extra hundred dollars"
most were fake or stolen
User avatar #205 to #192 - eight (01/10/2012) [-]
Not to be rude, but items being fake or stolen is not exactly something to be proud of or to tell other people. To each his own though.
#156 - wessi **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#128 - pixeldestruction (01/10/2012) [-]
this is the mouse i currently have...although its a bit yellow with age.

#163 to #128 - Rascal (01/10/2012) [-]
Holy crap.. same here
User avatar #28 - EdwardNigma (01/10/2012) [-]
Okay, let me ask: What makes those expensive ass mouses so ******* great? What exactly is the difference? It looks uncomfortable and awkward.
User avatar #125 to #28 - cortanix (01/10/2012) [-]
the fuked up buttons is really only the B4 and B5 ones, not usable at all..
The mouse is best for MMO's though :)
User avatar #145 to #28 - stewieyes (01/10/2012) [-]
I believe the mouse being made for Diablo 3 is made to withstand many many uses.
#165 to #28 - Rascal (01/10/2012) [-]
Higher DPI. It's for pointing accuracy, but doesn't matter near as much as they'd like you to think.
#154 - cannonassult (01/10/2012) [-]
what im using
#179 to #154 - Rascal (01/10/2012) [-]
LoL my brother just bought that Keyboard, it was on sale for like 20 euro.

And same headphones too. :O
User avatar #206 to #179 - cannonassult (01/10/2012) [-]
they are awesome... all of them and the keyboard came with the sc2 mouse but i had the naga so i gave to to my girlfriend

#210 to #154 - gosugenji (01/14/2012) [-]
none of this junk makes you a better player.
#93 - kayroose (01/10/2012) [-]
I'm using the regular Razer Naga atm, best mmo mouse ever.
#109 to #93 - Rascal (01/10/2012) [-]
Nice, I am using the Razer Naga molten edition :D
#20 - NutHut (01/10/2012) [-]
Good job. Be sure to stand at least an arms distance away in case he gets hostile.
#52 to #20 - agx (01/10/2012) [-]
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User avatar #22 to #20 - atilia (01/10/2012) [-]
I'd stay further, just in case he nunchucks that **** .

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