my epic skyrim tale.. this is completely true but it makes me laugh this game made me so serious about my dragon born.. i decided a life like expirement en skyr
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my epic skyrim tale.

this is completely true but it makes me laugh this game made me so serious about my dragon born.

i decided a life like expirement en
skyrim testing hew it weild he like
retire adventuring and leading a regular
life. heres my makeshift journal.
level 41 in skyrim. "retiring" kind of
taking a break of the adventure life.
i put all my weapons away and decided
live with wife lady in falkreath.
frem then en eut i became a farmer,
or: u: , and read alet of interesting
hecks . and came up with actually 10,
geld just frem weed cutting and farming!
this is the tale of my dragen hern.
day l. decided spree's the hause up.
put my weapons en seme shelves, decorate
that serta stuff. read all of the welf
queen series. and werked en the farm.
after that walked dawn the closest
cutting mill. came up with a tital of
tti) ti) dallars. ceil.
day IO. accidentally stele seme stuff
earlier in the game and ferget eheut it.
and taday i made the mistake of stealing
cheese. guards caught me and spent the
night in prisen. get eut at arti) ti) pm the
next day. ate dinner with my dark elf
wife. decided get seme rest afterwards.
day 25
1: yr: : om increasingly grew and
apparently i was sick. since i wasted
mest my maney en groceries and such
trying make the expirience mere
realistic. cerld net afford a cure
disease petain. already read all of
the hecks at the trader. werst of all
i get pissed and ended up killing
the farmer i werk fers chicken.
luckily the i paid fer my haunty.
samething i felt the, had change.
and fast.
day 30. walking outside the tavern
as usual i heard seme neices. aware i
already killed the dragen in the closest
helds near hye i ignored it and went eff
my day. when suddenly just like it was
the hagging the game. fire and
disorder hagan spree. my first idea
was catch my herse and leave tawn.
hut That is net what my past: fellers
the elder scrolls series taught me.
haing the true here i am the peeple
this game i ran inte my hause, inte
my chest things i did net use and
graphed my nightingales armer and my daedric
mace. i knew what must: he dene. running outside i
leeked up and with a quick hurst dragen rend
and 2 hits frem the mace. this elder dragen sat
there dead. hrafn washed frem what-
had just happend and the realistic feel
of triumphs a man weild feel. i realised
hew amazing this game can he actually
making me feel like a real persin. but deep
inside every man in skyrim there is a here.
i realised that in this game yeu can
be whatever yeu want be, returning my wife
i sad my gr: or: ate ene last heme seeked dinner, and ofcourse
teek seme saving and maney frem the shep, and was eff ence mere
ream the different planes and terretories of skyrim.
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Submitted: 01/08/2012
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User avatar #4 - littlebam (01/08/2012) [-]
i know its long but its kinda cool i guess haha

User avatar #2 - littlebam (01/08/2012) [-]
i am indeed the oc

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#1 - anonymous (01/08/2012) [-]
very nice oc
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