Meanwhile In. OKAY OKAY! BRITAN IS SPELT WRONG! I will write a formal apology to the Queen later, but for now know all I can do is apologize for my immense idio meanwhile in compilation


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you did Austalia wrong.
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dang you bet me to it
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exactly what every Australian says when they see a joke like that
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I hate how true this is...
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Their making a joke about Englands really poor law enforcement, hence why riots etc started. While the rest of the UK sat and watched it burn, literally.
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Wait... Im a retard. Just noticed it was spelled wrong >.>
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Must mean England, cause i barely see any in Scotland.
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britRon Paul hater reporting in, i think you'll find it's because there is an insane amount of cctv in england (not so much wales and scotland), i think the average citizen in britfat gets caught on cctv over 300 times every day. i was driving on the motorway earlier and there was a camera (inb4, not speed camera) almost every 100 yards, to monitor number plates. in london, there's a "congestion charge" which means you have to pay £10 to drive in inner city london. this means they now have an excuse to put cameras everywhere in london, they check your car plate, compare it to a database to see if you have paid for that day, and the cameras track you accross the city. if you think america is bad (i've been, airports are bad, but generally it's pretty relaxed) you should see england.

tl;dr - heavy cctv surveillance in england, not "poor law enforcement"
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He said "Britan?" because they spelt britfat wrong in the comp.
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was a response to the Ron Paul haters below, but didnt want to reply specifically to either of them as they were equally as ghay.
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Oh my bad :)
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Yep, that's right.
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Meanwhile in Africa.
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since when are africans using plates?
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I'm sorry, but that plate is way to clean to be from Africa.
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Does anyone have that pic? I don't even........
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did you try looking at the comp?
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dude, you are one unqualified negro if you can't steal an image off the interwebs
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video of that please????
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If you like, but the reason I liked the first one so much was this.
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ha, i thought of that the first time i saw it to.
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Why the **** does everyone hate Nickelback anyway?
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Because they have no passion and makes music only for full profit.
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"Now, I hope I don't get kicked into some fiery pit of death for saying this, but I still cannot for the life of me understand the utter hatred of Nickelback. I'm no huge fan of theirs, but I've enjoyed a good bit of their stuff over the years; and frankly, most of the criticisms I've heard make absolutely no sense:

-- "All their songs sound the same!" Really? You think 'Rockstar' and 'Burn It To The Ground' and 'When We Stand Together' and 'How You Remind Me' sound exactly the same? Okay, so they do reuse their riffs once in a while; so do AC/DC and Metallica, and it doesn't stop them from being kickass and well-respected.

-- "All they sing about is booze and sex!" Sure, they've done their share of ham-fisted drinking songs, but they've also done plenty of stuff that's actually thought-provoking. Look at 'If Today Was Your Last Day', or 'If Everyone Cared', or even the aforementioned 'How You Remind Me'.

-- "They sound like everything else on the radio!" So you're saying everything on the radio is the worst **** of all time? I know they're not what you'd call innovative or groundbreaking, but neither are most post-grunge bands (The Foo Fighters and Shinedown are two exceptions that come to mind). Sticking to a well-worn style that can be counted on for some good hooks and gravelly vocals isn't the world's worst thing a band could do - not the most remarkable, either, but it's a hell of a lot better than a "creative experiment" that turns out like Brokencyde. Honestly, when a "band" like that exists, calling Nickelback the worst of all time seems a little silly."
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The people on this site listen to dubstep and lmfao, and they hate Nickelback because they "have no passion". Makes sense to me.
The people on this site listen to dubstep and lmfao, and they hate Nickelback because they "have no passion". Makes sense to me.
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I cant find the words dubstep and lmfao in my comment.
And what i mean with " Have no passion" is that Nickelback dont even care about their own music anymore. If i remember correctly, the band said it them self that they dont care anymore and its all about the money.
(Exuse my english), Mr.Ron Paul hater.
User avatar #595 to #594 - revanthewin (01/08/2012) [-]
I didn't mean you, I just meant the majority of Funnyjunk.

Besides, it's cool if a band has passion in their music and if they're not just about the money, but it isn't everything. It doesn't matter if the band has a great message and donates all the money they make to charity, if their music sucks ass, I'm not gonna listen to it. Still, if they said that they didn't care anymore, I guess I see your point.
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Because they're horrible.
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They aren't horrible, they have some good earlier stuff and a couple good one's like if today was your last day, if everyone cared, into the night... and thats about it.
User avatar #440 to #438 - accdodson (01/08/2012) [-]
whatever. stop being a close-minded bandwagoner.
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<"stop being a close minded bandwagoner."
<Nickelback has some really good stuff
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"guys its not my fault; my music is good"
"you told me your favorite singer is will smith
so yes it is your fault"
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if you refer to my post above, I only named three songs and vaguely recalled the **** they made before people heard enough to accuse them of sounding the same in every song. I am a moderate, neither hating them nor liking them. people who begin to things just because other people on this site say that they suck are why america is such a politically paralyzed ******** (not saying we aren't great economically and socially). Also, i like Justin Bieber's song Mistletoe (which is probably a mistake to admit) because whenever i play it to my girlfriend (unlike your probably forever alone or settling-for-a-mountain-troll self) she melts like butter and also because its a nice song.

>pic related, my gf. Try to tineye it, I dare you.

I am done. This wasn't necessarily directed at you, and I am ready to accept the red pinkies from the people to whom it was directed.
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"Try to tineye it, I dare you. " Why the **** would I do that? She's ugly as **** .
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Because they're Nickelback
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Meanwhile in Japan...
Meanwhile in Japan...
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