FunnyJunk at WWE. god damn you white lines i missed to fill in. thanks to hitcher and kelech for proof reading. here are the links /funny_pictures/1683407/Funny whomadewho
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FunnyJunk at WWE

FunnyJunk at WWE. god damn you white lines i missed to fill in. thanks to hitcher and kelech for proof reading. here are the links /funny_pictures/1683407/Funny

god damn you white lines i missed to fill in. thanks to hitcher and kelech for proof reading.
here are the links

Hello everyone, I am here for something that is in my
opinion pretty bitchin', and quite fun on my part. I will
be going to WWE Monday Night RAW on Jan 16th,
which is less the two weeks away. Besides me going to
wrestling, what is so awesome?
I will be attending the Event dressed as Where' s Waldo.
I cover my face, cause i am not a handsome man, or at least thats what I
have been told. lol.
Any how, in the description will be links to the other times iwent.
I got pretty damn good seats this time, although sadly not as good as I
would hope.
I will be right where that little marker is, which is section 103,
row 6, seat 5. They have seats surpass the ring marker, so i
should be roughly 4 rows back from the announcers. So Iwill
get some T. V. time.
Over the years I have gotten a little creative with my signs, so here are
the ones that are going with me.
Of course I will be bringing this one, and I will get pictures of me there
with this sign.
My favorite online game, I told them I was gonna bring this and they
were happy. I suggest that if you guys play pokemon, you should play
this, it is a lot of fun.
Quite possibly my favorite sign to bring, it always gets the most
attention, and well...
Twilight does suck.
I am a brony, if you dont like my little thats fine, but I love the new
series for some reason. Also, on the back I will be writing "Brohoof"
because I believe that CM Punk and John Cena are Bronys. CM Punk is
kind are too explain why, but for John Cena go to youtube and type
John Cena is a brony." its ******* hilarious.
I know it is a long shot, but if CM Punk is a brony, knowing him he
might actually give me a brohoof.
Any true Funnyjunkie will know what this means, and knows what to
say next.
This is my veteran sign, it has been with me since the beginning, from
my pep rallies at school when the cheerleaders came out, to when I go to
Wrestling. I must have got water on it at some point but I will be fixing
it before I go.
My newest sign, I am pretty sure that it deserves to be with the rest.
I have several others signs that will be sitting this one out, "Raptor
Jesus loves you," "Marry me Carmen," "Shake and Bake," ect.
What I need from you:
I have about 7 more poster boards that I can tit into my comic con bag
that I will be taking with me. So that could be about 14 more signs, KI
write on them front and back, so I need from you guys some sign ideas.
1. I will not putting down your username, so dont
2. It can not have stuff like ".com," " **** ," " **** ,"
dick," and other stuff like that. Be smart, they wont
let that in.
3. It can not be long, I want people to be able to read
it. so make it short and sweet.
4. As much as I would like to make a picture to hold
up, I probably will not be able to make a big picture,
so dont ask.
5. IDK, but i am sure there is something else that they
will not allow, so just be logical, and of course, funny.
I posted this today, so I can pick what signs to do, then make the signs,
which take a while. I will take pictures, and chances are, I will be on TV,
behind the announces, so watch Monday Night RAW on Jan 16th and
look for Where' s Waldo.
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#19 - verclutch (01/05/2012) [-]
<-- Put This **** on The Poster = Insta Lulz
#95 - lonelyginger (01/05/2012) [-]
Write, "Finish Him!" on the poster and have this pic somewhere.
User avatar #643 to #95 - whomadewho (01/06/2012) [-]
User avatar #272 to #95 - Blowpophead (01/05/2012) [-]
yea or nay? i vote yea. first to 5 wins
User avatar #96 to #95 - herecomesjohnny (01/05/2012) [-]
User avatar #161 to #95 - whomadewho (01/05/2012) [-]
LOL i yell that all the time when i go there
User avatar #36 - Tiblets (01/05/2012) [-]
You gotta write
"That awkward moment when you start running out of space."
and, obviously, have it all scrunched and such.
#189 - banditowolf (01/05/2012) [-]
using paint on a laptop :s
#64 to #53 - adropofcitrus (01/05/2012) [-]
I lol'd
User avatar #223 - majorphoenix (01/05/2012) [-]
Fus Ro Dah
User avatar #340 - rubberpig (01/05/2012) [-]
make one that says "WRESTLING IS FAKE"
User avatar #309 - shakosports (01/05/2012) [-]
The Game.
#368 - eldinarcus (01/05/2012) [-]
&quot;Wumbology &gt; Scientology.&quot;
"Wumbology > Scientology."
#173 - IAMDIZZYONFANTA (01/05/2012) [-]
>lik dis if yu cri everytim
>Crowd! Ravish my body, I command thee!
User avatar #338 - euanmcevil (01/05/2012) [-]
consider these?
User avatar #208 - wizardbaker (01/05/2012) [-]
The Game

I mean really, it's a golden opportunity
User avatar #135 - theableacher ONLINE (01/05/2012) [-]
I Know Where The Bodies Are Burried.
#61 - t i xii (01/05/2012) [-]
after an awesome takedown or badass move, you need to hold up a "not bad" meme. pic related
#367 - patrickcanttype (01/05/2012) [-]
We know
User avatar #341 - karris (01/05/2012) [-]
20% Cooler
User avatar #671 - flandambo (01/07/2012) [-]
please do these
User avatar #673 to #671 - azerath (01/08/2012) [-]
pinkie for you
User avatar #619 - zombifiedpastry (01/06/2012) [-]
When something you like happens, hold up a sign saying "10 points for Gryffindor!"
#227 - xecoq (01/05/2012) [-]

plzplzplz choose this one its important for the internet
User avatar #652 to #227 - whomadewho (01/06/2012) [-]
this maybe
User avatar #139 - jjjseven (01/05/2012) [-]
Put a picture of the 'Aliens' guy but with 'Wrestlers' written instead
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