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I'd give anything to live in the days when Italians ran the streets. I'm Irish, but I don't care. I hate living near Detroit and seeing these "thugs" walking around and making my state look like **** . 90 years ago when speakeasys were the cool place to be, but never talked about and life was hard unless you were made. Yeah, there may still be some gangsters around today somewhere, but not like back then. Hell, I'm sure the Yakuza has gone to **** , too. It's just the way the cookie crumbles. I'm not racist, but all the Negroes around here are putting the US in the ******* and ruining once-beautiful cities.
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I'd also like to say that I'm not blaming black people. Just the " ******* ". Basically anyone of any race that's ignorant to the fact that they're ruining our country. Hell, even white collar people are ruining it by being so rich and not thinking about how decisions to take more of our money will affect the nation as a whole. Right now in the state that this country is in, I feel like I'm living in the 1920's, but without read gangsters. We just have the depression and poverty going for us. Kinda ****** in my opinion. I'm done with my rant for now and I'm sorry to anyone that read this thinking I'd be saying something funny. Do me a favor though, turn this into an image so that the word is spread about how ****** our nation is. Thanks.
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Cool story bro.
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Cool story, bro.
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Cool story, bro.
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cool story,bro,bro and bro
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For sure sir
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