Alpha Guide. Some of you guys might need this. Don't try it unless you put your whole heart into it... I might actually read over this alot and try it.
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Read the book "The Game" (lol) by Neil Strauss, same ideas explained.
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I might actually read over this alot and try it.
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As a lesbian, this stuff is ******** . A woman needs to feel a connection, but unless you're actually looking for the most vunlerable person in the room (which is pretty cowardly) this will not work. A strong woman will tell you to **** off, and just as politely. A weak woman will just go with you because it's attention, and they crave it. The guide here only works on the weak women, which is fine if you just want a **** . They will hate themselves and you afterwards and most likely cry for hours, but hey it's just a pussy right?

Try a strong woman. Yes they're a challenge, but these are the girlfriend material. They will also give you the ride of your life, garenteed.
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"I am different from the average woman in a huge way, as such, the rules are ******** !"
A woman needs to feel a connection, which is said up there.
It's not about the attention, you didn't read this at all, did you?
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Yeah she's right. Some girls are like that, but only weak ones. And if you honestly just want to use them until you are bored with them, then you are a cunt. A manipulative, scummy, cunt. And anyone who wants to aspire to that is a moronic tool.

That being said, this is 4chan, could just be an uber troll.
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Thats why u virgin forever
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**vuican rolled a random image posted in comment #141 at Normal Crack Head vs. Charlie Sheen **

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