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Named because the first versions used to have cocaine in them, before people knew of its biologically destructive capabilities.

Charlie Sheen is pissed.
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[url deleted] not sure if it works, i wanna try it!
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Funny thing is, Coca-Cola still has extract from the coca leaf (where cocaine is derived from) in it's formula, and is the only company in the United States that can legally import the plant. The cocaine is, of course, extracted from the leaf before importation.
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The 9 dicks you must suck to be accepted into this site makes you gag.
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The river behind the house of founder John Warnock was called Adobe Creek.

Pronounced ah-DOH-bee.
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Mispelling of the word "googol", which is 1 with 100 zeroes, an impossible number.
The founders said this was how many items they could supposedly handle online.
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"Mitsu" means "three", and "hishi" (changing to bishi in the middle of the word) means "diamond", as in the rhombus, not the precious gem.
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