Clients From Hell 2. The last one is doing pretty well, so here you guys go. These people are the epitome of idiots. Feel better about yourself by reading this  Clients from Hel
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Clients From Hell 2

Clients From Hell 2. The last one is doing pretty well, so here you guys go. These people are the epitome of idiots. Feel better about yourself by reading this

The last one is doing pretty well, so here you guys go. These people are the epitome of idiots. Feel better about yourself by reading this and thinking happily that you'll never be this stupid. And again, creds to

Part 1

Part 3

CLIENT Hello Pd We ta spearta someone about a posable
we warn nut arteta Esme discounts, was sometihng my manager takes are at
was name rs Brian, but he' s m here at the moment
wear can w spearta mm?
we / afraid has nut here- but w can weave a message tar mm and have mm call
wear ta lawns someone about a an my order
we Yes ‘mu waould need ta spawn my manager
wear When wrwg he be In?
we Tomarrow afternoon
wear can w spearta your manager please
qwark m a bakery m Much we can take Wages gaven ta us by customers and
transfer them mm ware Wages that can be placed am the cakes one chem
wanted a full sheet cake wth a very large Wage at a group at people
wear When you sad the cow mrtnt change, what and you mean?
we Wages w/ l transferred am the cake
wear Can you tell whoever rs making t nut ta make the people m the mature vaak
black m Mexcan? We dam want ta devalue um whte workers
wear w you w any
we w write same great poetry about my Inadequacy Ewes
wear ‘mu should have a problem wth the may sooner
we t was made meta launch As saw as w saw the problem, w
flagged t
wear Butyou should have wowed fur a problem sooner
we Must saw iwasnt) malled whathe naw
Wed me
wear That' s nut true- w sent you an three months aw about t Where w sad
Hound someone ta make the app at a lower was Remember?
we w Huw' d out?
wear. She needs the Multiplay package war cable and the Multiplay Internet?
we ‘ Internet?'
wear Yep/
we Theinternet the interneter nave rs m every language?
wear 'Butwhai we rs cheaper?'
CLIENT Lorant mean ta sound ream, but [r
wear ‘Hume black?
ME: Lke, black?'
CLIENT Yes The background rs taa mack,‘
w That' s nut must That has nothing ta w wth raced
wear Phew w can never tell wth you black people, what' s / e and what' s
tn actually Lebanese And, yeah, that we might be a racist [l
twerked m a call center fur a well known cable/ broadband an older
weman calls about networking properly
wear l carnal get a mature an /
we ls trust black, m are there same numbers artest an the screen?'
wear Na mature, but w can see the me t rs‘
we , there should be same buttons an the we where you can change the
channel m maul ma you see those buttons?'
wear. l cant see anything about channel, but there are buttons?
we What mans w you seet
CLIENT Well, w see Tune, Start/ Stop and Defrost ‘
we 'Ma' arn, are you wacking at your
wear on dear Maw nut/
wear l cant wag m ta my account) w need ta know my username?
we ‘ck your username rs ' "
wear. Can you spell wattah met
wear rs networking t Isnt resetting my password"
we l , ma' am, w can reset akuryou Alight, /
password ta the ward 'password"
wear Let me try t before you hang up'
we 'Sounds good'
wear 'Numel ms damn (rung Isnt working)'
we 'Hmm Cdk, Trynna/
wear ‘ t st/ l Isnt working, km of rinky wk operation
are you runnang aver there?
we 'ma' am, maybe we should go aver naw yuan spelling 'password?
wear 'Dont patronize mew Happy?'
we Nu, ma' arn, w havent been happyfox awhile
wear Thethethe arm ad rs ‘were turning wuss downl' so we want the
ad ta be down‘
we t' s m the granter ‘
wear (tucks up we ofthe copes) 'Butwhai' s igang ta wank We
paper, mg t dawn and hand t back
wear In w arm new ta subunit's?'
we Yes/
CLIENT says ‘session tined out', Have wast all
we ‘Na, rust w back and you can naw mm a ward document ta make sured
wear You m
we ( thetewj and pastry mm a ward doc) There, naega ahead'
CLIENT: (reigns mm account) Puget, summat om Must realised, that sung ta
send the , naw waft t? on w hater go back and deselect
w Mas actually helping them a ob warring wth computers What nave w
CLIENT The layout rs pretty spot an, but the hunky letters-'
we Thehunt, you mean?'
CLIENT Yes, instant ' stoo snooty t' s nut any fun ‘
we l t makes everything vaak gate professinal/
wear t' stoo cold What' s that sand anew lee? Wth the sand letters
we l have nu Klee w mean, w vaguely recall sometihng called sand, my
CLIENT sandy That' s t The Carma sands rs the we w want?
wear Could you writers button an the webster
we Whch we are you tawking about?'
wear Ths ane‘
we Whch une?'
wear The we my mouse rs gaunting at, are you blind?
are ‘ We' re haang (ms aver the wane w cant see your mouse/
wear. Well then go am the stew / haveing the mouse ram auereqe man t' s
hard ta ‘
we What?
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