Stoners, FUCK OFF. I dont give two what you think. I HATE STONERS. Now before all you pot smokers get all Buttmad, let me explain a bit. I don' t hate pot smoke
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Stoners, FUCK OFF

I dont give two ***** what you think

Now before all you pot smokers get all Buttmad, let me explain a bit.
I don' t hate pot smokers. in fact. i smoke pot.
what I hate is the whole "Honor culture"
if you care about 430 in any way, i hate you
if you feel the need to buy lots of things with a pot leaf on them. **** you. i really hate you.
1111 of the flicking morons who always talk about legalizing it because its medicine? yeah.
thats great and all, but YOU ARENT USING IT FOR MEDICINE so **** CNT.
To you people who will go on for hours pretending to be some sort of drug expert? You can
**** off too.
will never make fun of my friends for not smoking. and i' ll never pressure them. because
if they want to. they ******* would.
Mk, i say again. I don' t give a **** about peace and love.
so just let me smoke my ******* weed. and go **** yourselves setter *******
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Submitted: 12/31/2011
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User avatar #1502 - thejusticar (01/29/2014) [-]
you are a great man
#1501 - anonymous (01/14/2014) [-]
no one cares what you think ******
User avatar #1503 to #1501 - avatardsucks (02/08/2014) [-]
anon is my hero <3
#1590 - ilikeaak (01/19/2012) [-]
OP is my hero
#1589 - lessthanpropane (01/18/2012) [-]
**lessthanpropane rolled a random image posted in comment #466 at READ DESCRIPTION ** hmm almost on the same page
#1588 - selfdenyingbeggar (01/08/2012) [-]
I understand what you mean since I have thought about it myself, but, what's with all the hate? If they're posing, well, **** , leave them be.
User avatar #1587 - phoenix grinder (01/08/2012) [-]
#1586 - dylangerisgod (01/06/2012) [-]
**dylangerisgod rolls 707** trips and i get high

User avatar #1585 - divinedpk (01/06/2012) [-]
ive only smoked weed once and it helped the **** out of my teeth because some dumb bitch working on my braces stuck the ******* wire into my gums... only time ive ever smoked though and it wasnt all that bad
#1576 - talkingmouth (01/04/2012) [-]
First I was like
#1578 to #1577 - talkingmouth (01/04/2012) [-]
Now Im all

Im high as **** right now
#1574 - mavorick (01/03/2012) [-]
**mavorick rolls 12**
**mavorick rolls 12**
#1552 - anonymous (01/02/2012) [-]
********************** .
you sound like a dickwad. chill the **** out and stop getting so butthurt.
let others do whatever the **** they want, because why the **** should everyone be like you want them to be? **** everybody's **** . if im gonna die in a couple of years, im gonna do whatever the **** i want. peace, lovelies
#1560 to #1552 - slaskepott (01/02/2012) [-]
I agree. We stand united against the barrage of red pinkies that will come now!
#1561 to #1560 - slaskepott (01/02/2012) [-]
Aw **** you don't have an account. And so, I stood alone in a last stand.
User avatar #1570 to #1561 - sinwraith (01/03/2012) [-]
Altho i do not support and mean context in your guy's conversation, i still can not let you stand alone...and if that means i have to join you in the red pinkies..then so be it....i did this....for you...............
User avatar #1571 to #1570 - sinwraith (01/03/2012) [-]
Altho i do not support the mean context*
User avatar #1569 to #1550 - sinwraith (01/03/2012) [-]
OMFG ITS FLUFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
User avatar #1544 - techketzer (01/02/2012) [-]
This man I can respect.
#1525 - misspersona **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#1518 - mavsman (01/01/2012) [-]
I haven't smoked weed once in my life and I think it should be legal. It's just like alcohol, its a mind and body altering chemical. Just because it is consumed in the same fashion as actual extremely harmful drugs, everyone flips the **** out. The only thing that's adverse that I've heard about weed is that it lowers a mans sperm count and i don't know if that's even true because I heard it from a stupid bimbo with tomato paste colored hair. Honestly, it should be regulated by the government and make it work for the economy instead of locking up people for smoking it and spending money on more and more prisoners
#1514 - anonymous (01/01/2012) [-]
stonerz for life man, you know George Washington toked ********* and he grew fields of that **** man all over the country because he knew it would be a valuable cash crop for the southern states he grew fields of that **** man, but behind every good man is a woman and that woman was Martha Washington and every day when George would get home she'd have a big fat bowl waiting for him and shed help harvest the crops man ....stonerz
User avatar #1555 to #1514 - wyattheriot (01/02/2012) [-]
cool story. youre still retarded
User avatar #1513 - quantumfrog (01/01/2012) [-]
if you wanna smoke pot thats ok but please dont buy loads of **** with a cannabis leaf on, it doesnt make you look any cooler.

anyway just saying, a few of my friends have ****** up their lives because of drugs, if you are gunna do it, do it with friends. dont get involved with all those ghetto potheads or you might end up in an episode of dog the bounty hunter.
#1512 - dudewtf (01/01/2012) [-]
This guy/towel is offended and also pressures his friends to smoke. do you hate him too?
#1511 - holycrapitscooper **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #1556 to #1511 - wyattheriot (01/02/2012) [-]
officially it really isnt. i think it's just about africans trying to get back to their roots or something. i dont know 100% though, thats just what my friend told me
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