oh shit. Tell me how your anus feels after this tinyurl.com/greatestreligion. IS A SIN IT SAYS 80 TAMEST WE MINT READ THE OLD TESTAMENT so SHUT LIP ABOUT STANIN
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oh shit

oh shit. Tell me how your anus feels after this tinyurl.com/greatestreligion. IS A SIN IT SAYS 80 TAMEST WE MINT READ THE OLD TESTAMENT so SHUT LIP ABOUT STANIN

Tell me how your anus feels after this tinyurl.com/greatestreligion

I do net permit a woman to teach
or to assume authority ever a man;
she must be quiet."
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Submitted: 12/30/2011
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#5 - pedobearsuncle (12/31/2011) [-]
It says homosexuality is a sin in Leviticus. That is Old Testament. This bitch just went full retard.
User avatar #437 to #5 - eyeballfrog (12/31/2011) [-]
It also says it in Romans, which is New Testament. Nice try, though.
User avatar #7 to #5 - joefishsticks (12/31/2011) [-]
Yeah she is retarded, but what she actually meant was that it's all the sins of the Old Testament are still in effect, but the punishments are not.
#53 to #7 - pedobearsuncle (12/31/2011) [-]
This now makes more sense and her argument now makes even less sense
#172 to #5 - John Cena (12/31/2011) [-]
Think of it like this: Old Testament--->Judaism // New Testament-->Christianity. The values and morals and God of the Old Testament are retained in the New Testament. The Old Testament (namely, the Pentateuch [the first five books of the Bible]) encompass Jewish law. Jesus Christ, as God's Son, died and rose again in order to fulfill the law. Thus, because it is impossible for mankind to follow the law perfectly (i.e. we are imperfect), Jesus died as a perfect sacrifice to satisfy the inevitable judgment and separation that is necessitated by mankind's imperfection. We are imperfect and would perish in the presence of perfection (God). So Jesus. The gripe that I find with people is everyone cites the Old Testament as "history" and the New Testament as the "religion" part. The Old Testament had laws with respective punishments; Jesus fulfilled the law, so we don't have to worry about this judgment.

TL;DR Old Testament=law, New Testament=Jesus fulfilling law.

#573 to #172 - notatrollface (12/31/2011) [-]
Agnosticism FTW
Agnosticism FTW
#790 to #172 - zastavoo **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #207 - drunkturtle (12/31/2011) [-]
The bible does say homosexuality is wrong, but it also says that a woman could be stoned for having sex out of wedlock and working on Sunday is punishable by death. Why do people listen to one thing the bible say and not the other? All or nothing man...
#214 to #207 - holycrapitscooper **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#221 to #214 - John Cena (12/31/2011) [-]
Slavery existed before Jews were formed as a nation. As a result of direct disobediance and sin, there is freedom. If man is allowed freedom, slavery exists. Make sense? He is not saying it is correct. He allows it to happen as a result of freedom which was acquired from sinning.
User avatar #27 - MrSmurf (12/31/2011) [-]
Legit conversation I had with this chick:

Me: "Who said God hates gays?"
Her: "It's in the bible, DUH."
Me: "It also says women need to be quiet and give sex to their husbands whenever their husband wants it."
Me: "Then how do you know what still stands?"
Me: "Well what if you're wrong and God doesn't hate gays anymore?"
Her: "That's not possible!"
Me: "And why not?"

I was then suspended for smacking a bitch.
#380 to #27 - Strike (12/31/2011) [-]
God loves all people. He just hates sin.
#502 to #380 - nerdfighter **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #334 to #27 - buumblebee (12/31/2011) [-]
do Falcon Punch
#349 to #27 - jaakoko (12/31/2011) [-]
Right in the face!
Right in the face!
User avatar #54 to #27 - hudsen (12/31/2011) [-]
Tell her to move to San Fransisco, she'd love it here.
#37 to #27 - missingxsecrets (12/31/2011) [-]
I'd punch her in the throat.
User avatar #45 to #37 - modmanawesome **User deleted account** (12/31/2011) [-]
I'd give her the old CUNT PUNT!
#47 to #45 - missingxsecrets (12/31/2011) [-]
I believe she has earned more than one of those.
User avatar #51 to #47 - modmanawesome **User deleted account** (12/31/2011) [-]
A lot more!
#273 to #47 - ftwunicorn **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#394 to #273 - analgrandma (12/31/2011) [-]
Tie her to a river and push her into a rock.
#352 to #273 - missingxsecrets (12/31/2011) [-]
Although rocks and rivers don't have feelings, I'd feel bad that they'd have to deal with her...
#405 to #273 - yayitzmatt (12/31/2011) [-]
And then choke her until she was begged to drown.
User avatar #131 to #45 - theblastradius (12/31/2011) [-]
Throat punching and cunt punting are too common now, they are learning how to block those.

Next time, elbow her in the taint, she'll never see it coming.
User avatar #135 to #131 - modmanawesome **User deleted account** (12/31/2011) [-]
Or even better you can headbutt her tit.
#681 - John Cena (12/31/2011) [-]
My grandma's christian, and I once brought up the subject of gays. She said "Oh, Christians accept everybody, homosexual, gay, straight, as long as we don't hurt eachother."
#709 to #681 - supseb has deleted their comment [-]
#710 to #681 - supseb (12/31/2011) [-]
Your grandma understood the bible that's what.
#659 - iambansky (12/31/2011) [-]
I hate people who say that gay marriage is wrong because, "the bible says it's wrong!!" Those people are dumbasses. If someone would just say, "To think about two men *********** each other and two woman having scissor sex dries up my vagina and softens my PENIS", that would be a valid argument. JUST BECAUSE IT'S IN A BOOK DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU CAN HAVE IT!!!!! I can't go to the white house and give him all my Green Lantern comics and say, "I WANT A GREEN RING!!!!" I'd be shot o.O.
#664 to #659 - John Cena (12/31/2011) [-]
-The bible says homosexuality
- yet talking snake is allright?!?
#671 to #659 - AngryPlatypus (12/31/2011) [-]
My thoughts exactly.
#565 - rel (12/31/2011) [-]
#282 - ThisIsBogus **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #307 to #282 - gloogy (12/31/2011) [-]
Exactly how i feel. And im a Christian.
#59 - indigoflows (12/31/2011) [-]
im gay and a christian so 			****		 yo 			****
im gay and a christian so **** yo ****
#63 to #59 - John Cena (12/31/2011) [-]
well your life is ganna suck...yo can never fap to a man,or do things to another man in a sexual manner...i think its time you look at a new religion dude....
Join mine....IT THE FTW religion where when somebody makes fun of you for something you can tell them to **** off and kick there ass
#110 to #63 - baconisbacon (12/31/2011) [-]
It says God loves everyone right dumb ****
User avatar #585 to #110 - jokesrfunny (12/31/2011) [-]
It actually never says that, common misconception.
#588 to #585 - baconisbacon (12/31/2011) [-]
jesus is god god is jesus jesus loves everyone so god loves everyone
User avatar #593 to #588 - jokesrfunny (12/31/2011) [-]
It never says Jesus loves everyone either. Just because your kindergarten teacher said it doesn't make it factual. The bible never states explicitly that Jesus loves everyone. If you are going to try and be religious at least put the time in to get your facts straight.
#660 to #593 - baconisbacon (12/31/2011) [-]
Imma give you an example John 3:16 and i'm an atheist never believed in god i just studied the bible just because you go to church on Easter and Christmas doesn't make you the ******* pope alright?
User avatar #759 to #660 - jokesrfunny (12/31/2011) [-]
That doesn't explicitly say he loved everyone, only those who believe in him will have eternal life, not even an explicitly good afterlife
#822 to #759 - baconisbacon (12/31/2011) [-]
For God so loved the world
God so loved the world
so loved the world
loved the world
User avatar #824 to #822 - jokesrfunny (01/01/2012) [-]
Just because I love breakfast doesn't mean i love every type of cereal -_- I love the world too, but there are a lot of people i do not love, just like god if he was real.
#825 to #824 - baconisbacon (01/01/2012) [-]
#661 to #593 - baconisbacon (12/31/2011) [-]
some more verses
John 13:34
John 4:19
John 4:10
User avatar #211 to #59 - odapac (12/31/2011) [-]
You found love in a place God never intended. It serves no biological purpose. There is only love. I don't see how God can't respect that. Get your gay on, brotha. God doesn't hate you. (I'm, like, 80% sure he doesn't.)
User avatar #73 to #59 - NexusSeven (12/31/2011) [-]
Troll lvl:100
#677 - gothtasical (12/31/2011) [-]
I don't know why people get so worked up about it when the only thing that would happen if gay people were allowed to marry is they would marry the people they love. If your going to hate someone for something they can't help thats hating someone for the way they were born. Also, quite frankly if you think about it the new testament is written by all of Jesus's followers now they weren't free of sin so do you honestly believe that they couldn't have just thrown something in there because they personally didn't like it? And if being gay isn't natural then why has it been found in other species? Such as Dolphins and monkeys. Being a christian should be about accepting God into your heart and doing good not going around and hating people for being the way they are.
#577 - timeforsp (12/31/2011) [-]
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#422 - cattiestcss (12/31/2011) [-]
Pic related. You know, if you think about it hard enough.
#534 - coonmix (12/31/2011) [-]
Conversation with this guy:
Him: Homosexuality is wrong and disgusting.
Me: What? Bitch, you keep on telling us about lesbian porn that you watch when no one gives a **** .
Him: Yeah, when girls do it's okay.
Me: ...What? What's the ******* difference?
Him: Well it's hot. With guys it's gross.
Me: So if something appeals to you it's okay. If it doesn't it's immoral?
Him: Yeah.
*punch him in the stomach*
#522 - sublift ONLINE (12/31/2011) [-]
#356 - iamnewhere (12/31/2011) [-]
This image has expired
Bitch got served.
#209 to #196 - John Cena (12/31/2011) [-]
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User avatar #194 - delightfulgooch (12/31/2011) [-]
Something all religions can agree on:

Mormons can be annoying as ****
User avatar #249 to #194 - minecraftgirl (12/31/2011) [-]
I have a Mormon friend. She's a pretty nice person.
#508 to #194 - redreceipt (12/31/2011) [-]

Lol i dunno why i have this
User avatar #200 to #194 - WarPigs (12/31/2011) [-]
I doubt Mormons agree with that.
User avatar #201 to #200 - delightfulgooch (12/31/2011) [-]
Yeah nevermind I feel like a dick for saying that :c
#217 to #200 - Eralfnoez has deleted their comment [-]
#737 - zomgodness (12/31/2011) [-]
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#404 to #388 - sepheroth (12/31/2011) [-]
Satanic Bible! I choose you!
#419 to #404 - John Cena (12/31/2011) [-]
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