the wonders of HIV. friend and subscribe for daily lulz, and check out some of my other posts: 4chan comp: /channel/4chan/4chan+comp+part+2/LaGuDYn 4chan comp:  the wonders of HIV friend and subscribe for daily lulz check out some my other posts: 4chan comp: /channel/4chan/4chan+comp+part+2/LaGuDYn
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the wonders of HIV

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Anonymous 11/ 05/ 10( Fri) 21: 34:
Jr Girl ive been crushing on for years
me, adorable in every way
Jr We have sex regularly
Jr Be together fer many years
Jr Trust her unconditionally
Jr One day, she sits me down for a talk
Jr Has a sad look on hamface
She tells me she was raped a few weeks back
Jr She went to get an STD test and found out she was HIV positive
Jr We' had sex at least 4 times after
She just tells me now because she was scared retelling me
Jr Suddenly build up with uncontrollable rage
Jr Punch her in the face as hard as I can
Jr She falls down
Jr Still pissed off, cant even see straight
Jr keep punching her as hard as I can
Jr Gets to a point where her face is a pool of blood
Jr Blood splashes onto my shirt when I punch
Jr keep punching
Jr Leave, her parents come home after
Jr Fast forward a few weeks
Jr She' s in a face bandage, stitches everywhere
Jr She told her parents a in and did this
Jr She didnt want me in jail cause she felt bad
Jr Suddenly feel terrible inside
Jr Soto apologize three weeks later
Jr Ask her sister where she is
Jr Her sis has tears in her eyes, says she fell into a coma
Jr Run tothe hospital to say sorry before its too late
Jr Get to her room
Jr Open the door
Jr Get on the Mor
Jr Everybody walk the dinosaur
Anonymous l 1/ M/ l ( 121 :35: 07
OP what the hell is wrong with you.
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