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Epic pictures

The Cave of Crystals in Mexico. The huge
Crystals are the result of mineral rich water
and high temperature over billions of years.
A lenticular cloud, a phenomena thats responsible
for man UFO tin s
Phenomena in Australia. Impurities in the Ocean
and rough Waves formed huge amounts of Foam
In the , Geologists discovered a large underground
Cave filled with poisonous gas. They ignited the gas,
thinking it will burn off in a few hours. 40 Years later, it is
still burning.
Infamous Guatemala sinkhole. It was formed suddenly
in 2007 when the ground collapsed and killed 3 people.
street scene from China in which a few tons of plastic
bottles are balanced on a bicycle
Caught here is a Volcanic Lightning, a rare
Phenomena that takes place when ash particles
collide and produce static electricity.
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