We Must Help 4chan. Gentlemen, i know we are not 4chan, but we are one of their greatest allies, and we must help them, as most of you know, the plan they had w help our buddies
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We Must Help 4chan

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We Must Help 4chan. Gentlemen, i know we are not 4chan, but we are one of their greatest allies, and we must help them, as most of you know, the plan they had w

Gentlemen, i know we are not 4chan, but we are one of their greatest allies, and we must help them, as most of you know, the plan they had was to spam 9gag with gore porn, and it was not very effective. I know some of you will be all "this is not our war to fight" but there is something we all have in common, we all ******* hate 9gag, they are so cocky and full of it, please, repost this and thumb this to the front page, time is nigh, we havent much time left, we must show them that we will not be walked on anymore, we must go to 4chan's aid, they cannot fight this war on their own. We got a little less than 2 hours, so heres the links to the ion cannons. High Orbit Ion Cannon> You need to login to view this link
Low Orbit Ion Cannon> sourceforge.net/projects/loic/ show them the meaning of haste, good luck

The Destruction of
The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
I extend to you my warmest regards, Internet. Understand that the time is closing in for
our imminent attack on the cancerous louse known as . com. As Anonymous, we
must push out differences aside for the moment and combind our efforts to strike the
common enemy. All users from ychan. org, tumblr. com, reddit. com, and funnyjunk. com
must come together and for an unparalleled fighting force if we wish to truly make an
impact against those scum. It will not be simple, and time is not on our side, but we must
be smart, cunning, and meticulous. I have devised for us the ULTIMATE STRATEGY for
our attack, one that incorporates all the ideas tha have been put forth onto the table and
attacks from inside and out. We will need team S .
Alpha Team:
Your job is to attack wag from the inside. This means you must blend in with the enemy by making troll wag accounts, so that
you may post horrifying images of gore, , scat, furries, and whatever else your dervish little minds can think up. You will also use
your troll account to "smiley face" other trolls' images and like their comments, to assure the wag community that you are merely
shaggers yourselves and are totally against anything the evil want to do. If you wish to join Alpha Team, follow these
L) Download Tor (if you didn' t already) at https:// MM. torproject. org/ download/ download. html. en
2.) Go through the installation process. At the end, it should open up a safe, proxied Firefox browser. Use this and continue on
like you normally would.
4.) Copy the email address and head over to facebook. LEAVE THE TAB OPEN!
5.) Create a troll Facebook account. Choose a name that isn' t obviously fake, like Henry or Susan Calmer. Facebook will
promt you to confirm your email. Refresh the tab and open the message from facebook. You won' t be able to open the
link they' sent you, so copy that numeric code. Go back to Facebook and click on the option that says you can' t open the link, then
enter the code. Barn.
6.) Google image search your fake person' s name to find a photo to use, making your account look legitimate.
7.) Go to wag. com and register. Again, use a name that isn' t too obvious, like or .
8.) Stock up on gore, , scat, furries, etc. (if you haven' t already) You can find all of this stuff, save , easily on this thing
called "the Internet.'' Go at it.
Sh) Post, post, post, POST. All over wag, you will post, and post, and post.
10.) Post links to your images on ychan for anons to see and "smiley face." Specifically, post the links in threads on that board
mentioned somewhere in Rules 1 & 2.
IL) Repeat steps several, and I mean SEVERAL times. Every time your account is banned, skip on over to the next one.
12.) Don' t forget to "smiley face posts and like comments made by other anons in disguised. It' s a give in take, Alpha Team.
Your job is to attack wag from the outside, and by "the outside," I mean from MUTHERFUCKING SPACE. That' s right, I' m
talking about the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) and the High Orbit Ion Cannon (HOIC). You guys will be doing the actual brute
offensive striking. It' s all very simple, so pay attention to these steps:
L) You must download both the LOIC AND the HOIC. First, I must address the Macfags, who won' t be able to participate unless
they do this step. If you aren' t a total faggot, skip to Step 2. Macfags, download "Winebottler" at http:// download. cnet. com/
Winebottler/ . html. What it does is let you open .exe files that otherwise wouldn' t open unless you were
using a PC. Go through the installation process. Now, whenever you download a .exe file (like LOIC or HOIC) Winebottler will take
care of everything and just open it for you.
2.) Download LOIC here: http:// sourceforge. net/ projects/ eoic/
Download HOIC here: http:// hoic. . org/
3.) Open up LOIC and adjust to these settings.
That' s http /. com/ my the URL,
so my port,
HTTP my method,
IO my threads,
and the slider all the way to the left my speed.
4.) Open up HOIC and adjust to these settings.
HIGH hvar'
Click on the ' under 'TARGETS.'
That' s http //wwy. . com/ my the URL,
High my Power,
my Booster,
and 4 my threads.
5.) Press the BIG FIRE BUTTONS on the LOIC and HOIC.
6.) Sit back an let the fuckers run all day long.
Red Team:
Your job is to spread the word about the attack, all over ychan, reddit, tumblr, and funnyjunk. Spread this poster specifically, so
everyone will know how they can help out. Also, support the other teams anyway you can. Think of your team as the Ministry of
Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Sieg Hell!
Your job is to tarnish wags "" and '" name. Go onto websites like omegle. com, chatroulette. com,
etc., and say phrases like: ". corn is the place for Child Pornography!" or "shaggers for life! Fuck those muslim cunts!" or "Jesus
Christ sucks our dick! All hail . com!" or "Rapists welcome! Join wag. com today!" I think you guys are a far bit more clever than
I am and probably have many more, better things to communicate on those sites. White Team, get creative and go wild.
That' s the plan.
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> hey anon, wanna give your opinion?
#3 - flagit
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(12/21/2011) [-]
Having issues makng a 9gag account, any one else?
#4 to #3 - dethmaul
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(12/21/2011) [-]
I heard they've disabled new account-making for the day.

Learn from this men! OPSEC above all else.
#5 to #4 - flagit
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(12/21/2011) [-]
When they remove the block I'ma link them to my fake accounts and be ready for the next attack. :P
#6 to #5 - dethmaul
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(12/21/2011) [-]
Waves, baby! Wear them down through attrition/enthusiasm starvation!
#7 - noobdeswoop
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has deleted their comment [-]
#2 - paradoxmoa
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(12/21/2011) [-]
I'd assume 9GAG heard about this, and will simply take down the site for a day or something.

Of course, action could always take place at a later date anyways.
User avatar #1 - deathdevilevil
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(12/21/2011) [-]
Gold team rules!