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User avatar #117 - efdinthea (12/20/2011) [-]
i represent the minority who opposes legalizing marijuana :( the zit one is defiantly true!
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User avatar #132 to #122 - efdinthea (12/20/2011) [-]
we can not deny the fact that marijuana has negative side effects. while i know the topic is touchy and im not the most intelligent on the subject. i would just hate to live in a world where everyone was high no matter what that meant for them. people try to rationalize that by comparing it to alcohol. you cant rationalize one "evil" from another. just like i cant rationalize killing people because someone else does. i also dont think taxing marijuana would be as beneficial as people think it would be. ive looked into this case further from both sides of the argument. im not one of those straight-lace do gooders or anything like that. just my personal experience. i hope this doesnt spark a argument. just wanted to answer your question as shortly as possible. more worried about sopa right now. may the force be with you :)
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User avatar #134 to #133 - efdinthea (12/20/2011) [-]
you make excellent points . #3 though has a overall flaw on society. if weed does harm the user like we both agree on. than more people will be harmed. people make up what we know as modern society. while we dont know for sure. a harmful society makes a horrible place to live. especially if you have kids. i think the issue goes beyond morals but into basic human decency .an exaggerated example is like living in a country were raping is legal. while rape is obviously not the same thing. its the same principle. people dont want to live in a society where rape is legal.its not human nature to live with people around us that destroy themselves. i promised myself this will the be the last reply on the subject. i dont want to get carried away or heat up the thread. i will consider your feedback. thanks
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