Slenderman. A little drawing I did for FJ ;) Thumbs for more... This would be good, but 1. He has no eye, or outline of eyes 2. He has no mouth, or an outline of a mouth 3. He has no nose or ears, and once again, no outline  Slenderman FUNNYJUNK Drawing
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User avatar #1 - zionsype (12/18/2011) [-]
This would be good, but
1. He has no eye, or outline of eyes
2. He has no mouth, or an outline of a mouth
3. He has no nose or ears, and once again, no outline of either
4. He has no face, nor outline of a face.
This makes front shots of him incredibly hard since you can't make him that creepy with just a blank face. But that's how he is.
User avatar #2 to #1 - leanord (12/18/2011) [-]
I've seen plenty of interpretations of him where he had all of those features.
#3 to #2 - zionsype (12/18/2011) [-]
they were all probably drawing then and if so they were wrong.
< Notice to facial features.
#4 to #3 - leanord (12/18/2011) [-]
I'm sorry I couldn't hear you through my differentiating opinion....
#5 to #4 - zionsype (12/18/2011) [-]
&lt; This is a .gif from &quot;Marble Hornets&quot;, the project/channel that really got Slenderman known. As you can see and will see if you watch the tapes (Idk if you have yet, just assuming here) He has no facial features.
< This is a .gif from "Marble Hornets", the project/channel that really got Slenderman known. As you can see and will see if you watch the tapes (Idk if you have yet, just assuming here) He has no facial features.
User avatar #6 to #5 - leanord (12/18/2011) [-]
No, no, I've seen it. But seeing as he is in fact an IMAGINARY character, he is quite open to interpretation.
#7 to #6 - zionsype (12/18/2011) [-]
< Another picture, ignore the Demotivational.
Not EVERYONE believes hes imaginary, just as not EVERYONE believes Bigfoot is imaginary, Slenderman is Cryptozoology, and we should all try to get our descriptions and evidence straight so people can make more accurate documentaries, I am not quite sure if the Marble Hornets project is a fake, but at times it seemed so, at other times it did not. He was around before the Marble Hornets project, whether he was made up or not is what we try to find out and why we need a clear description of the creature. Since the majority of descriptions, images, and videos show him to have no facial features and you simply provide fan art of him with facial features I must disagree.
User avatar #9 to #7 - leanord (12/18/2011) [-]
Honestly though, it's a ******* drawing. Let's not read too into this **** .
User avatar #10 to #9 - zionsype (12/18/2011) [-]
I posted pictures, you posted drawings, as I said. no idea why you have to repeat it.
User avatar #11 to #10 - leanord (12/18/2011) [-]
You posted fictional pictures.....You'd have to be asinine to think those those are real.
#12 to #11 - zionsype (12/18/2011) [-]
^ There is another one for you to watch.

I never claimed 100% that they were real. You have no proof against them being real, and If you visited the link I posted and studied the Slenderman you would understand that there is some proof towards his real existence. But I just find that a real life photo gives much more proof than fan-art someone drew. I assuming you're an atheist since you have a "I have to see it myself and have 120% proof before anything is real" attitude. I am not saying the photos are real, I am saying they have MUCH more chance of being real than your fan-art. I also find it annoying I post long well thought out comments and all you can come up with is little insult-like replies using swear words just to length them. I am also not sure but I'm assuming that you didn't read these last two comments just because they were long and you didn't fell like it, if you did then please if you're going to reply at least try to muster up something posing a good point too it for a reply.

If you skipped to this last sentence then go back and read both replies carefully.
User avatar #13 to #12 - leanord (12/18/2011) [-]
So you are ignorant then? Let's talk about the origin of Slender-man here, my little interweb crusader. On June 9, 2009, Victor Surge created Slender-man for a contest on the Something Awful forums. There is absolutely no credibility to his existence other than maybe some well thought out stories posted in the far corners of the internet. If Slender-man is real, he's probably good buddies with Santa Clause and Jesus, since you have such a "I don't need any sort of logical proof so I'll just be an ignorant puppet" attitude. In regards to my style of response, I regret to inform you that this is in fact FunnyJunk. If cussing offends you, I suggest you A. Stop being a ******* pussy. and B. Seek another website to play cop on. Just because you can craft yourself a nice long, lofty post with some big ol' fancy words doesn't mean you're any more right than I, it just means that you've wasted more time than I care to.

If you're not an ignorant bible-thumping cum dumpster, stop replying and cut your losses.

User avatar #14 to #13 - zionsype (12/18/2011) [-]
That is not the origin ignorant fool, I see you didn't watch the videos, there are woodcuts of the Slenderman from around the 1500-1600s and ancient Egypt, there's my logical proof, I have studied this while you have seen a few videos and fan-arts stringed along with some false information about the origins and proof of the Slenderman, I refuse to even START a religious debate with you so I will ignore the things you said about Jesus, and I never said I was catholic, I just said I assumed you were an atheist the fact that you had to bring in insults like that just shows you stupidity. If you think I"m a pussy give me your address so I can come over there. As you see I have more people agreeing with me than you have with you. I have no losses to cut here, so I suggest you shut up.
User avatar #15 to #14 - leanord (12/18/2011) [-]
Judging by the fact that you're getting quite defensive now, I'd say you're feeling a bit threatened. What a bummer! Those "woodcuts" from ancient Egypt aren't real. Any so-called "proof" of him was created after the post on the Something Awful forums, but think what you wish, it's nice to believe it something. I never said you were Catholic, by the way.....awkward. Asking for my address is a bit weird this your first time on the internet or what? Finally, I have a sneaking suspicion that the ONE person giving you a thumbs up on your comments is you on another account. You are way too emotionally invested in this who debate here, tiger. Maybe you should pop a few NyQuil and call it a night before you start tracking my IP and murder/rape me.
User avatar #16 to #15 - leanord (12/18/2011) [-]
And on that note, I will bid you adieu. It's far too late in the night for me to be dealing with this. But, feel free to make a post filled with holes and ammo for my arsenal! Don't forget to read your nightly bible verse and ask Allah to bless your families crops for the winter or whatever you religious types do for fun!
User avatar #18 to #16 - zionsype (12/18/2011) [-]
Once again, there you go changing your mind back and forth, calling me catholic, then saying you didn't then doing it again. Its just sad at this point.
User avatar #19 to #18 - leanord (12/18/2011) [-]
Good morning, Sunshine. Now that I'm all rested up we can continue our nice little chat. Every single one of the posts about Mr. Freckenberg's notorious woodcuts is on a site that has no credibility and should for no reason be believed for any second. That is to say that you're smart enough to realize that. But, then again, I could go find hundreds of websites where a bunch of little kids attest to the belief that Saint Nick still brings them presents. In regards to you still saying I'm calling you Catholic, you're again proving yourself quite blatantly ignorant of the facts. ""If you're not an ignorant bible-thumping..." I'm not exactly sure where it says Catholic anywhere in that concoction of words. You're the one that threw the word Catholic out there to being with. And lastly, do you know when people start resorting to physical violence (ESPECIALLY over the internet)?? When they've reached the limits of their mind. There's no reason you should be this offended by our little chat here, unless you feel backed into a corner, which is likely the case. I haven't changed my mind at all. I still think you're a product of your ignorant middle-class parents who pushed religion on you, along with the rest of their beliefs. And seeing as your IQ has never reached the century mark, you embraced them all with open arms.
User avatar #17 to #15 - zionsype (12/18/2011) [-]
Watch the videos before going any further, you have no idea how badly thought out those comments would seem if you had watched them.

I am not defensive at all, I don't even know how that would seem so. Obviously its not ONE person giving me a thumb since you are most likely thumbing me down.

One of the woodcuts was made by Hens Freckenberg in the 1540s, so unless he has a time machine Theres not a chance it was made after your "Something awful" post.
The woodcuts were from Germany, not from lower Egypt, there were carvings of the Slenderman in 3100 B.C (or B.C.E if you prefer) in lower Egypt, which you would if you had watched the videos. And you DID say I was catholic, I quote you "If you're not an ignorant bible-thumping..."
And how can you call me a pussy, then try to say asking for your address is weird? You're just afraid, and you're running low on things to use against me at this point so you're changing you're mind back and forth.
User avatar #8 to #7 - leanord (12/18/2011) [-]
Are you stupid or just ignorant? I'm honestly not sure.
User avatar #22 to #8 - betterguygreg (12/19/2011) [-]
Hey man you'd best back off! Judging by his profile pic he's a badass! He might know, like, jewish ju-jitzu or something! He's gonna come beat you up, mister!
User avatar #23 to #22 - zionsype (12/19/2011) [-]
lol I'm not Jewish its a Russian hat which is ironically popular in the UK.
User avatar #24 to #23 - betterguygreg (12/19/2011) [-]
Or....also known as a ushanka...
User avatar #25 to #24 - zionsype (12/19/2011) [-]
Meh, I call it a russian hat because someone when I tell people that they think its some nazi thing, no idea why :/
User avatar #26 to #25 - betterguygreg (12/19/2011) [-]
My cat licks my nipples when im sleeping.
User avatar #29 to #26 - zionsype (12/19/2011) [-]
#21 - idolovelamp (12/18/2011) [-]
the whole point is that he has no face, just saying
User avatar #20 - grantika (12/18/2011) [-]
I like it, but he's scarier withotu a face. With a face he looks like that thing from the claymation halloween movie
User avatar #28 - badmonkey ONLINE (12/19/2011) [-]
Voldemort without eyes, nice try bra
User avatar #27 - zeezj (12/19/2011) [-]
he doesn't have a face man
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