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#225 - John Cena (03/29/2010) [-]
Am I the only one who wants to punch this guy? They should have gotten the shark out. He says it was him against the shark, the shark was defending itself and he chose to get into the tank with it.
#234 to #225 - John Cena (03/29/2010) [-]
You sir, are a a dumb **** . It (the ******* 18 foot long great white shark) was killing all the tuna that they were raising. I am not sure on the the exact pricing of a single tuna, but that had to
#236 to #234 - John Cena (03/29/2010) [-]
seriously cause a depreciation in how much they made. So, in closing, that man DOES deserve a medal, and you should be shot.
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