Things That Happen at Work: Part Four. 100% True OC. Thanks for all the support! I accept ALL requests. Part 1: /funny_pictures/3026169/Things+That+Happen+at+Wo Things That Happen at Work: Part Four 100% True OC Thanks for all the support! I accept ALL requests 1: /funny_pictures/3026169/Things+That+Happen+at+Wo
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Things That Happen at Work: Part Four

There' s really no explanation
Things t: hat: Happen needed for this one. The people
at: Work that come doggames usually tailgate
hich is basically hang out. on
location for hours before the game.
Part Four: Scumbags of Tailgating
T was patrolling my area, things Hey, man, is there packing over
were going really smooth when this here fat: trhe game?
guy pulls up in a pretty nice car.
Sure thing, pay the fee and I' ll So he pays the fee, parks his car
get you a decent spot. It' s pretty right next: to the exit, and leaves
early, so you can get a really
good spot right over here.
So T go about the day, filling up
the packing lot, and right before
gametime, the guy comes back.
Hey bro can T get a refund? T spen-
the day trying to find a ticket an-
T couldn' t get one, So I' m gonna
Nah, bro, T want my money back, T'
You' re kidding, right? nut gaing tn the game.
Bonus Sewn: Parking Edition
This is haw peaple are supposed This is what a few did:
to park in my area:
Thank all of you for your support, you guys are awesome.
The Choices for Part Five:
Police Busts
Sting Operations
Dumb People
Drunk People
Tents for Tickets
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