Title. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wmhfn3mgWUI Edit: Frontpage, thanks guys.. so refeering to the recent post that made it on the front page. Hes not a ghost so thi
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Edit: Frontpage, thanks guys.

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so refeering to the recent post that made it
on the front page.
Hes not
a ghost
so this guy Alot of you do not know who he is.
He is your living mother *******
This is "The slender man"
There have been sightings
of all the way back to the
lath century.
He is believed to be 9 to
16 feet tall, but its also
believed he can alter his
He is seen in forest and at
night. Mostly. He has als
been spoted durring the
w _ day in foggy or dark
T places. He usually
watches his prey from
i behind trees.
So how do you know
this guy is real?
wooaahh blaah blah
blah? All you have is
kids time to play ******* scary as mother
******* hell wheres waldo. Spot the scary mother
****** in the backround.
The killings that
hes involved in his
o . _ victoms are impaled
through the chest
and hung on trees.
He will. But rarely.
disect his victims
and remove there
organs then put
them in thin plastic
bags. then shove
them back in.
Youll know if hes
near. All cases that
have been reported
with a "soft
humming noise".
and just before. "A
small childs
laughter. But more
The earliest argued reference to the legend is within the
cave paintings found in the Sen capybara National
Park in the Northeast of Brazil, which are believed to date
from as far back as 9000 so These paintings show a
strangely elongated character leading a child by the hand,
but make no reference to the extra appendages.
The tall man swan in a clearing, dressed as a nobleman, all
in black. Shadows lay over him, dark as a cloudy midnight.
He had many arms, all long and boneless as snakes, all sharp
as swords, and they writhed like worms on nails. He did
speak, but made his intentions know." journal dated Us a. d.
1 Dated to 1702 "My child, my
Lars... he is gone. Taken, from his
bed. The only thing that we found
was a scrap afflack clothing. It
thicker. Lars came into my
bedroom yesterday, screaming at
the top of his lungs that "The angel
s outside!" I asked him what he
was talking about, and he told me some nonsense fairy story
about Der ( The tall man y He said he went into the
groves by our village and found one ofmy cows dead, hanging
from a tree. I thought nothing of it at first... but now, he is
gone. We must find Lars, and my family must leave before we
are killed. I am sorry, my son... I should have listened. May
God forgive me."
A quick note. He does kill children and has NEVER been
reported to do so. He kidnaps them and they are never seen
again. As one child had escaped from this fate but later
killed herself but kept repeating. "Hes... leading us to
safety... Hes... I_ eading us to saftey (Child starts to cry and
thrash mound screaming ) I DONT WANT TO GO. YOUR
GOING TO LET HIM TAKE ME. NO. NO. (sobbing stops
and she looks strait down. silent y"
She also drew this
picture. Police
investigator said that
We can only assume
this was the man she
was talking about."
Obviously a tall man
There is a excellent
series on the slender
man called "Mabel
hornets" And can be
found on youtube. Its
******* scary. I
recomend it though to
anyone who wants to
know more about the
slender man.
the link will be
above) Translated in "Tall man"
france 1300' s
Theres more. so much more. Its alot of work and its very
nerve racking. I need some sort of responce to know you
guys want more so.
Your Choice.
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Submitted: 12/15/2011
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#962 - slowpokey (12/30/2011) [-]
Yea part 2!!! Hey do you know how to kill slenderman... LoL
User avatar #960 - rshowat (12/21/2011) [-]
hey, part 2 please?
#961 to #960 - rapied (12/21/2011) [-]
Sure, I've had people asking for one I'll make part 2 when I get time.
#950 - uberfailz (12/17/2011) [-]
Now I can't sleep or enter a dimly lit area. Thanks. :]
User avatar #949 - deatl (12/17/2011) [-]
Entry #6 :O
#946 - anonymous (12/16/2011) [-]
All of the videos are obviously fake, but I'm interested nonetheless. Haha! I love it!
User avatar #957 to #946 - feeblemicrobe (12/18/2011) [-]
Explain your reasoning as to why ALL the videos are "obviously" fake. you can't just say something is fake and leave it at that.
#943 - vulcanslayer **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#937 - MusicalRade (12/16/2011) [-]
Do people actually believe this? Slenderman was made by Victor Surge for a contest. ._.
User avatar #924 - feeblemicrobe (12/16/2011) [-]
I hope entry 18 is NOT supposed to be slenderman. It would be horribly filmwork...
User avatar #933 to #924 - redwind (12/16/2011) [-]
It's masky, that's what he's called
User avatar #928 to #924 - zomgoshitsparkles (12/16/2011) [-]
Is entry 18 the one where he gets attacked? Because if so, it's not slenderman, that thing with the mask is most definitely somewhat human.
User avatar #929 to #928 - feeblemicrobe (12/16/2011) [-]
exactly as i thought. Why is there some guy in a mask doing slender man's bidding?!
User avatar #930 to #929 - zomgoshitsparkles (12/16/2011) [-]
I don't know! I'm on entry 22 now, and this is just getting more and more confusing|!
User avatar #931 to #930 - feeblemicrobe (12/16/2011) [-]
I'm on 23... I know how you feel.
User avatar #940 to #931 - wolverinebamf ONLINE (12/16/2011) [-]
you really don't know if he is doing masky's bidding. For all you know he hates slendy and was confused or some **** . guess you will have to watch the rest. (finished #52 when it came out) also slendy is in almost every entry now.
User avatar #932 to #931 - zomgoshitsparkles (12/16/2011) [-]
I just finished 23. The last shot ... was that ... slenderman !?!?!?!?
#919 - anonymous (12/16/2011) [-]
found this on episode 13 (slenderman)
User avatar #917 - lecia (12/16/2011) [-]
I am officially creeped the **** out now.
User avatar #916 - stdream (12/16/2011) [-]
all my lights are on i have the dog next to me for company, it doesn't help that she was staring at something and started to bark when i brought her in. i hate this, i have watched the videos up too 27.... fml
#938 to #916 - anonymous (12/16/2011) [-]
Guys, sorry for dissapointing you or giving you relief, but it turns to be that Marble Hornets is a fictional serie related to slender man; or at least thats what the following seems to show:
[url deleted]
User avatar #939 to #938 - stdream (12/16/2011) [-]
thank you :')
User avatar #920 to #916 - zomgoshitsparkles (12/16/2011) [-]
Dude, was I hallucinating, or did the slenderman actually come into shot at entry 14?
User avatar #921 to #920 - feeblemicrobe (12/16/2011) [-]
Yeah, he straight up OPENED that kid's door.
User avatar #922 to #921 - zomgoshitsparkles (12/16/2011) [-]
**** , I'm so ******* terrified. I keep seeing him in some shorts. Like while they were filming, he was standing RIGHT THERE. I think this is legit too, he has a twitter page and everything ...
User avatar #925 to #923 - feeblemicrobe (12/16/2011) [-]
Not sure if I belive it but, this is definitely some creepy **** !
User avatar #934 to #925 - stdream (12/16/2011) [-]
seriously dont like the facts behind and supporting this... and aparently he hasn't posted in a while according to a friend of mine who follows the Youtube... i dont want it to be real... and yea i thought it was... but i tried to make myself believe that it was him getting into bed...
#913 - zomgoshitsparkles (12/16/2011) [-]
Holly ******* **** , I was watching the videos from the link, and it's so ******* creepy! there are several instances where you can see a SOMETHING with a white face and in a suit just looming in some shots. Well, I know that I'm not leaving the house ever again ...
User avatar #918 to #913 - zomgoshitsparkles (12/16/2011) [-]
#912 - arrowspeed **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#911 - anonymous (12/16/2011) [-]
Your last picture is not from france. its from germany and its translated to " the knight "~
User avatar #910 - sefercil (12/16/2011) [-]
yeah there r the peeps annoyed by the idea that others may believe in this, but it is an interesting story and i like hearing details, like from the story of candle cove and happy appy.
#908 - fedtlas (12/16/2011) [-]
They should make a movie about this ******* scary tall man
btw, credits to 'rapied' for making this
User avatar #905 - feeblemicrobe (12/16/2011) [-]
"His presence is associated with paranoia and sometimes a strange sickness, and those who see him are frequently found to be maniacally writing strange messages, and drawing mad scribbles of a dark, faceless figure. It is advised to avoid investigating too much lest you get entrenched too deep... and find yourself the subject of his unwanted interest."
Or, if you prefer: The Slender Man is an internet meme, specifically a Creepy Pasta, first started by Victor Surge on Something Awful (here). It soon became more popular and mutated into what you see before you today.
#903 - imthepunkkid (12/16/2011) [-]
Slenderman kills you if you learn about him more then you should
Op is making post with knowledge of him

<(My rendition of how i saw slenderman in a lucid nightmare once)
#900 - shabooty **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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