I have to stop procrastinating. I came up with this while i was procrastinating. Procrastination is like drugs... It feels good in the beginning, but when you g I have to stop procrastinating came up with this while i was Procrastination is like drugs It feels good in the beginning but when you g
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User avatar #2 - sketchE
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(12/14/2011) [-]
procrastination is like masturbation it feels good at first but in the end your just ******* yourself
User avatar #3 - StephanZAQ
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(12/15/2011) [-]
User avatar #6 - harrypottergirl
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(12/15/2011) [-]
ok ok one more page then i'll go to bed
#7 to #6 - theqk
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(12/15/2011) [-]
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