A New That High Comp. credit to thathigh.com for the quotes. Just get dew smaking a few bawls and ca me dawn fer dinner. My mom is at the chunter and asks me wa that high comp
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A New That High Comp

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A New That High Comp. credit to thathigh.com for the quotes. Just get dew smaking a few bawls and ca me dawn fer dinner. My mom is at the chunter and asks me wa

credit to thathigh.com for the quotes

Just get dew smaking a few bawls and ca me dawn
fer dinner. My mom is at the chunter and asks me
wash my hands and I end up literally playing an
splashing around fer abaut five minutes.
She was staring at me the whale time. That high.
I was at the park with my friends and ene w my
friends threw a stick in the air while we all watched.
I was genuinely cinfused as why the stick didn' t
eff inte space. That high.
i ferget a ferk downstairs i ate my ravioli with
a teeth pick. That High.
Se I' m smaking in the family mem befire
Thanksgiving diner. Then I remembered that I have
family ever I turned the music up leader heping
they wouldn' t smell the weed. That High.
Was just en youtube leeking up beng rips,,
somehow i ended up in the hew give blowjobs
section..... That high.
Smaking with a group w friends, when we finished
I ferget everyine' s name, even my ewn. I gave
everyone new names. I was Scooby, there was
Shaggy, Fred, Velma, Daphne and Heb. That High.
I spent 15 minutes trying train my cat. I tried
train him by explaining why its a situation
if he semes when I call him. That High.
Get a smake machine delivered that i didn' t order,
was addressed me and ca me with and invoice
that said PAID. Immediately checked my Ebay
accaunt..... must hide my credit card when i get
high frem new en. That High.
Was laughing the whale movie because I thaught I
was actually there filming the movie. That High.
I spent abaut 20 minutes trying figure wt where
bacin ca me from, eventually concluding that it
ca me frem bacin trees as leaves tof bacin.
That High.
Faund my keys, but kept leeking because there
were Some mere places I wanted check.
That high.
i was in the bank parking let with my friend, and
as he was geing inside i stayed in the passenger
seat. as the car next me started pulling away as
i watched, i thaught eur car was drifting forward.
freaking wt because ene was in the driver seat,
i screamed aliud my friends name nu mare's times
befire i figured wt it was the car next me pulling
away. THAT HIGH!
Spent 2 hears tryin understand hew slith
survived the evelution. That High.
I turned the TV up because I was thirsty. That high.
i just stealth ran up my stairs inte the kitchen,
grabbed a half pound tof cheese. run back my
computer and sat dawn, and my heart is racing
frem the fear tof getting caught..... in frend w my
parents. That High.
I thaught my feet was trying steal my tees, then
i tried shake it eff. That High
I vender what zambies tho when their mot chasing
peeple. Tha High.
I had smaked a blunt with a friend tof mine, and
since my mom wanted me heme, Streaked
wt because I thaught I smelled. Se I laid dawn in
mud that I weild have an excuse take a
chewer as seen as I get heme. That High.
Se I went through the burger king drive through
and tried 6 tame thinking it was jack in the birx,
I argued with the cashier fer 5 minutes abaut why
they stopped serving tame there. That high.
Watching an episide w the Cleveland shew, where
they a live shew, thaught it was live the whale
time, I asked my morn hew they made a canteen
shew live. 15 min after it went eff. That High.
Me and a friend watched a friend sleeping in eur car
fer like 2 hears, laughing at hew he was fun while
sleeping. That High.
I was outside smaking a bawl and right in the
middle tof taking a hit, I heard my dad yelling my
name, I threw my lighter dawn, left my weed, and
casually pretended talk en the phone while I was
walking back up the hause. I then thaught
maybe he wanted talk and maybe my breath
smelt like weed,, all I had was Clear Eyes that I
squirted in my meath like candy Xever my
breath,, That High
I was baked as i ca me heme tee eat sunday reast
dingier with my family, i went tee cut my chicken
with my speen, and was struggling fer a while, as
my family gazed at me, That high.
I was smokin with a friend, then we agreed that
was time heme i greet him in frend tof his
hause and i head my heme. I hear a voice in my
head calling me and when i turn around i thaught i
saw samething chasing me, i start run as fast
as i can, i reach my heme, i stand in frend w the
deer fer a moment and i hear again this voice in my
head calling me and this thing still Deming me,
scared like hell i enter the deer and i run up my
bed telling me that i' m tee fucking high.
in the end it was my friend chasing me, because i
ferget give him his keys. he slept outside his
hause until his parents faund him. and he faund wt
that he had his keys the whale time. That High.
and end this my faverite thathigh, biorn mete:
There' s only twe types tof peeple in this werld:
people whe smake weed, and peeple whe need
chill the fuck tout, That High.
Hope mu enjoyed "
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User avatar #4 - harrypottergirl
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smoked a blunt and went down stairs to the kitchen for a snack. Saw the chicken on the table and started to talk to it give the chicken it's own voice and everything. had to pee came back and the chicken was in the oven i cried over my lost friend.
#3 - RaccoonKyle
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**anonymous rolls 624,836,312** this one sucks
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**finnishguy rolls 259,440,986**
this one sucks, too
#6 - anon id: de10a8fd
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Whenever I go driving after I think every car behind me is the police lol.
User avatar #8 - PixieLOL
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(12/14/2011) [-]
Generally speaking, I dislike people who only like Bob Marley just because he smoked weed.
User avatar #9 - kairosun
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(12/14/2011) [-]
Tl;DR. anyone wanna sum it up for me?