The Dark Side of the Palm. .


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#11 - Brabander (12/11/2011) [-]
This should be done by a girl, so that in the black part, you have a boob too!!!
doubles the awesome!
#17 to #11 - Relinies (12/11/2011) [-]
What if it IS a girl
But they're just really, really, flat chested?
#37 - MOARkrabs (12/11/2011) [-]
Hello, hello, hello
Is there anybody in there?
I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again

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#51 to #38 - dethmaul (12/11/2011) [-]
When I was a child, I had a fever.
My hands felt just like two balloons.
Now I've got that feeling once again
I can't explain
You will not understand, this is not how I am.
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#34 - onlyridemedonkey (12/11/2011) [-]
**onlyridemedonkey rolled a random image posted in comment #3 at Me ** <---- My reaction
User avatar #54 - tehweave (12/11/2011) [-]
Probably the greatest album of all time.

#15 - anon (12/11/2011) [-]
**anonymous rolled a random image posted in comment #313 at Fucking blasphemy **DARKER SIDE OF THE REPOST
User avatar #43 - jammintdb (12/11/2011) [-]
ho ho science is funny when used in physical context
User avatar #35 - cloudstrifeownsall (12/11/2011) [-]
My favorite is probably "hey you".... the line "dont tell me theres no hope at all" its epic...amazing band....
User avatar #47 to #35 - vasarelli (12/11/2011) [-]
So true! One of the absolute greatest lines, especially when they do it live!
User avatar #27 - JoeTheBadass (12/11/2011) [-]
okay, pink floyd fans, i need help.
i've been getting into a lot of classic rock, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s music.
but i still haven't hit pink floyd. can someone give me a couple songs to start with?
User avatar #41 to #27 - Hillbro (12/11/2011) [-]
Get the albums Dark Side of the moon and the wall.
User avatar #33 to #27 - writeroftoast (12/11/2011) [-]
Start with The Wall, then Dark Side of the Moon, after that you can move onto The Piper at the Gates at Dawn. My favorite song of Pink Floyd's, though, is Echoes. Also good is The Nile Song, Careful with that Axe Eugene, and the album Atom Heart Mother. Basically it all kicks ass, but The Wall is the most accessible (Wish You Were Here and Animals are pretty accessible as well).
User avatar #29 to #27 - thatguytony (12/11/2011) [-]
MONEY, Young lust, wish you were here
User avatar #30 to #27 - misterbonzo (12/11/2011) [-]
Comfortably Numb, Wish You Were Here, Money, Goodbye Blue Sky.
User avatar #31 to #27 - Brutalmetal (12/11/2011) [-]
First i didn't like pink floyd and all i listened to from them was The wall(another brick in the wall). Then i went back and realised how calm and awesome they sounded. i suggest starting with the wall Comfortably numb, wish you were here, cigar in the sky, goodbye blue sky, Shine on you crazy diamond....umm and the rest that were said above me.
User avatar #32 to #31 - JoeTheBadass (12/11/2011) [-]
yeah i listened to comfortably numb and wish you were here, now i'm listening to the whole dark side of the moon album. thanks to everyone! free thumbs
User avatar #28 to #27 - geometrysquid (12/11/2011) [-]
Start with the Animals album.
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#36 - vashtehstampede (12/11/2011) [-]
#23 - vivalemort (12/11/2011) [-]
i was disappointed in this movie simply because the title lead me to believe that pink floyd would at least have a song on the soundtrack (hopefully the entire soundtrack) and it didnt

#22 - Crossraod (12/11/2011) [-]
meanwhile at his PENIS
#42 - anon (12/11/2011) [-]
How the **** is this funny in any way? Front page?

******* garbage. Get the **** out.
User avatar #48 to #42 - plastiksporks (12/11/2011) [-]
hey ******* go listen to rap some where else
User avatar #49 - awkwardsauce (12/11/2011) [-]
This a repost you ******* dog.
User avatar #46 - plastiksporks (12/11/2011) [-]
holy crap
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