Men vs Women. . Problem No confidence No money No college plans No friends Boring Obscure interests Quiet Rejects a member of the opposite sex Expects sex as pa Men vs Women Problem No confidence money college plans friends Boring Obscure interests Quiet Rejects a member of the opposite sex Expects as pa
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Men vs Women

No confidence
No money
No college plans
No friends
Obscure interests
Rejects a member of
the opposite sex
Expects sex as part of a
Not in the mood for sex
Bad in bed
Raped and needs help
Want to end your current
Shitty, low end job with
no career prospects
Own guns
Don' t want an expensive
Don' t play sports or go to
the gym
Your country has
You world is
gender and you seek
You aren' t physically
capable ofthe work
You a en t attractive
Had sex with an
underaged member ofthe
opposite sex
Throw an emotional
tantrum to try and get
your way
Hit your spouse during an
Expect gifts during
valentine' s day and other
Wants to feel as much
pleasure as possible
during sex
You can' t cook and don' t
want to do the housework
You are into hobbies like
video games, anime and
other stuff most people
consider "weird"
You want to wait till
marriage for sex
You are a homosexual or
Want a wide variety of
clothing and fashion
Enjoy masturbation
Feel horny, want to get a
one night stand
Dump your current
Crying and being
Have a particular sexual
fetish (bdsm, uniforms,
He' ll ask me out
He' ll pay
He doesn t even ask
It' s expected of me
He' ll pretend to
be interested
I just have to look good
He obviously didn' t
meet her
You are a assertive,
liberated woman
It' s expected
Just lie back.
Tons groups
and everyone is
File a divorce, get half
ofyour husband' s
assets, and
upgrade to a
hotter/ richer man
All you have to do is be
good looking
Brave woman who is
taking action to defend
Knows howto handle
and plan
forthe future
It' s expected
The men defend you
fortree, employers
prefered hire you
due to no reservist
around the world agree
and supporters
Standards will be
lowered foryou to be
Eventually someone
will still settle for you
Slap on the wrist,
everyone says the boy
was really lucky
Just use the "' s that
time ofthe month
excuse" or "women
are more emotional"
He' s a man, he can
take it. He probably
deserved it too!
Its a girl' s special day,
the man should
pamper her!
It' s expected and
encouraged fora
woman to orgasm as
fast and as much as
You are a liberated
woman! You don' t have
to do those things
Guys will still like you
are pure and innocent.
Guys are expected to
Guys thinkyou are
really hot
Near infinite choices
No social stigma, guys
think it' s hot and are
happy that a woman
knows how her body
Go to the nearest
bar/ club/ etc, sit or
stand at the bar and
give the international
signal of "woman
Wait for someone to
butyou a drink. Fuck.
You go girl! He
obviously wasn' t
Men will rush to
That is soomo hot!
You' re FUCKED
You' re FUCKED
You' re FUCKED
You' re FUCKED
You' re FUCKED
You' re FUCKED
You' re FUCKED
People accuse you of
being gay
Hearst wants to get in
her pants!!!
You must be either gay
or impotent!
Worthless man! Dump
him and find someone
who can satisfy you!
Everyone thinks you are
lying because "it' s
impossible to rape a
Have your life
completely destroyed by
biased courts
You' re FUCKED
Crazy gun nut that
doesn' t really need
You' re FUCKED
Everyone thinks you are
a loser
You' re FUCKED
Pussy! Grow some balls!
Everyone thinks you are
a loser
You are fucked, unless
you are rich/ famous
and marry a gold digger
Raped to death in
Everyone thinks you are
a spoilt child
You are already getting
sex, what more do you
If you orgasm before the
woman is satisfied, you
are a failure
What a lazy slob! You
just want a woman to do
it for you!
You are a loser nerd
with no life! You should
work out more and get
more money!
What a creep! Dump
him! He' s probably a
crazy religious nut!
You are the primary
target of LGBT violence,
your male friends now
avoid you because they
are scared they will be
mistaken foryour sexual
Female fashion stores
outnumber male ones
by at least and you
are only allowed to wear
a bland shirt + pants to
work, or a suit
People think you are a
loser who can' t get a
Spend hours getting
multiple rejections at
bars/ clubs/ etc because
you are not
handsome/ rich enough
or being used as a free
drink dispenser.
Typical playboy! He was
probably cheating on
Everyone thinks you are
a pussy
Omg are you a rapist?)
Get away from me
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