InterestingJunk. PART 2 - /funny_pictures/2997334/InterestingJunk+2 Thumb if you want more . The Easter Island heads" have bodies Instead of the common view of  facts Quite interesting
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The Easter
have bodies
Instead of the
common view of
them just being
giant heads
many have large
bodies under
ground and
some even have
legs in a
kneeling position
During World War
One, France began
to build a fake
Frr, Paris to fool
T Germany
Virtually no pictures of this exist...
There were electric lights,
replica buildings, and even a
copy of the Gare Nord-
the station from which high-
speed trains now travel to
and from London. It would of
worked as in 1918 radar was
much more primative but the
war ended before the city
could be finished
first born are - ,2
falling and gali, i;
loud noises _ _ A
These are built into your
DNA with the primary
purpose of keeping you
alive at birth
A straight Rugby
player suffered a
stroke, and
woke up gay
A 266 lb rugby player was
showing off to his teamates
with backflips and accidently
landed on his neck and
suffered a stroke. He
recovered with little physical
damage but now was gay!
Neurologists say that there
are records of people
suffering strokes and
changing personalities and
differnt accents
Blarneyed people may
descend from one
common ancestor
Blue eyes are formed from one
mutation that stops
melanin being produced to
make eyes brown, it is
believed 6000 - 10000
years ago one single
mutation cause one single
ancestor to have blue eyes.
Research show every one
with blue eyes has the
same enes linked to .
eye co our yet those with
brown don' t, indicating
everyone with blue eyes
in some very very very
very very distant way is
There is one recorded
birth for the
Best part; it was on
rememberance day and the
parents are a vetran couple.
The boy' s mother is an air
force vetran and his father
currently serving in the air
And as an added extra
and gift for your
reaction folders...
That' s quite
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