Face Swap Comp. .. For the first one, i genuinely didn't noticed they had been swapped for about 10 seconds.
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Face Swap Comp

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Submitted: 12/08/2011
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#4 - Jewish Ninja (12/08/2011) [-]
For the first one, i genuinely didn't noticed they had been swapped for about 10 seconds.
#15 - McTasty (12/09/2011) [+] (2 replies)
User avatar #9 - btwobleet (12/09/2011) [-]
so many midgets
#19 - umayyad (12/09/2011) [-]
i had to go back to the first one to confirm that the faces were switched...
i didnt notice at first
#17 - xxxsonic fanxxx (12/09/2011) [-]
Holy **** this comp is so amazing. The baby one at the very bottom..pure ******* gold. Almost pissed laughing
User avatar #12 - ekmsohal (12/09/2011) [-]
The first face swap doesnt look swap. Because, the "jersey shore" girls are ugly whores, and the "jersey shore" boys look like Richard Simmonsgoty fairy's
User avatar #14 - firinmalazor (12/09/2011) [-]
I could barely tell the difference with the first one
User avatar #13 - byobgraffpro (12/09/2011) [-]
the one with the baby was funny
User avatar #11 - walala (12/09/2011) [-]
my math teacher made the face in the last picture today
#7 - drifterfamas has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #6 - amarinth (12/09/2011) [-]
the baby ones made me fall out of my damn chair
User avatar #1 - ilbacondeity (12/08/2011) [-]
I haven't laughed this hard in a while.
#10 - xxxsonic fanxxx (12/09/2011) [-]
this is not normal!!
#8 - drifterfamas (12/09/2011) [-]
User avatar #2 - technobanana (12/08/2011) [-]
Its so creepy...but at the same time it looks so right.
#3 - jellomen (12/08/2011) [-]
i feel like i've seen this before....oh yea, i have. THIS WHOLE COMP. STUPID REPOSTS
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