Oh God Why: The Last of the Shame?. Edit: Wow, I'm loving all of the positive feedback. I'd really love to post more but quite honestly, I can't recall all of m oh God why shame sad three no me Gusta
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Oh God Why: The Last of the Shame?

Oh God Why: The Last of the Shame?. Edit: Wow, I'm loving all of the positive feedback. I'd really love to post more but quite honestly, I can't recall all of m

Edit: Wow, I'm loving all of the positive feedback. I'd really love to post more but quite honestly, I can't recall all of my memories and I'm not going to make up a bunch of ******** stories to fill space. Trust me, I'll have more to post after Christmas, embarrassing stories always seem to come up when Christmas dinner roles around. I have two I'm ready to post (hint: one is about transexuals, the other is an "oh god lol" on the subject of dog **** that happened many Thanksgivings ago).

The Very Silly and Disturbing
Childhood of Jesuschristofaz
gnd Grade
Reading and cookies, best
part about friday
e, (Laying on the aloot)
And then it happens...
My against maor WOW! That felt mean
Hump. Hump
Hump. Hump.
Friend comes over
s doing?
AC. reels mail
Soon he starts doing moo
soon enough, a room lull MIN graders, dynamically humping, seemingly in unison.
on god, I don' t even want to know wiry...
for the love of God.
Ill Gilli CD
Camping, agee
walking around woods
rm going to go explore!
Cool! Someone else is
camping out here
mien I notice someone
standing near tent
he' s thin I
turns around
What is anal...
can 5
Age T
Pass Spence's
at mall
Excitement aroused
so we go into the more...
wow Look mommy! They have
spongeboy in mere!
They have tons of cool stun in here!
Somehow end up in adult section.
Dont you have one onliest in
Moi We' re leaving!
You' re grounded!
the store
ll you think we' re still getting McDonald:
you' re in for a rude awakening...
Age 9, any a relatives wedding
A Gag gill from a groomsman was a small tree
adorned with condoms
You' re going to need these bro!
Oblivion: me
Cool, free
I wonder why they don' t have
Starts chewing
This isn' t a lolipops Why is
it chewy? C?
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#9 - SpcRamon (12/08/2011) [-]
OP......you were a ****** up child. lol
User avatar #233 to #9 - kashaku (12/09/2011) [-]
weren't we all?
#237 - evereTTthegreat **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#240 to #237 - VoltageHero **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#273 to #240 - evereTTthegreat **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#239 to #237 - evereTTthegreat **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#260 to #239 - dethmaul (12/09/2011) [-]
I don't get the wild stories with the > in front of every line. What's with them?
#263 to #260 - zastm (12/09/2011) [-]
4chan green text
#265 to #263 - dethmaul (12/09/2011) [-]
Thanks, mate. Never been there, didn't put 2 and 2 together.
#266 to #265 - zastm (12/09/2011) [-]
no problem man, that's what i'm here for.
#174 - mufasairl (12/09/2011) [-]
>be 8
>find my mom's vibrator in parent's room
>mom in room with me
>turn on vibrator
>"mom what's this"
>"it's for my back leave it alone"
>proceed to run around house with it still vibrating while grandma is visting
User avatar #244 to #174 - whacker (12/09/2011) [-]
I found a night stand full of those bastards.
User avatar #267 to #244 - nakedfatguy (12/09/2011) [-]
Yes the nightstand, except for me they were big dildo's and I thought they were toys for me....for christmas....
#241 - yofutofu (12/09/2011) [-]
age 9
sitting is class , my hot music teacher was teaching us about recorders , i get a boner, i have no clue what it is (also i'm wearing track pants) the girl sitting beside also asked what it was , she grabbed by crotch to see what it was and started yelling, EWWW HE HAS A TOY IN HIS PANTS , i jump up and start yelling I DIDN'T PUT A TOY IN THERE , i start helicopter dicking to show it was a part of me (remember i'm wearing track pants) music teacher stops teaching lesson , and sits at her desk and starts laughing.
now that i think back at that , i honestly want to erase it from my memory.
#267 to #241 - greatgranpapy (09/15/2013) [-]
Oh God, I;m sorry, but that's hilarious.
#249 to #241 - yofutofu (12/09/2011) [-]
another story
age 4
sitting in class , when the sudden urge to **** comes along , i don't know what to do because it was the first week of school , i sit there and **** my pants, the teacher asks me what that smell was , i take off my pants and underwear to reveal my lower body covered in **** and my pants/underwear loaded with **** , he looked at me and walked out , and he came back in half an hour later , with my mom and i'm still standing there covered in ****
User avatar #230 - anusholeboner (12/09/2011) [-]
5 years old, dont know about sex
My friend invites me over to her house
We go into her bedroom and hide below the sheets
I ask "wut are we doing"
She says "something i saw my parents doing"
Next thing i kno shes suckin mah dick
Then her MOM walks in catches us and asks "wut were u doin under there?"

P.S her family moved away
PPS the story u just read i have never told ANYONE IN MY LIFE
But since u guys are fello fjers i shared it
#270 to #230 - rolltherick (12/09/2011) [-]
Dude..... here's mine
Be 5 years old
Don't know about sex
At friends house
Her older sister is in room playing with us
My pant's get pulled down on accident exposing PENIS
Friend plays with it, I say it's fun
Older sister say''s we'll play a new game
Leads us into closet
Tell's friend friend to put her mouth on my dick and start moving back and forth
Keeps doing it
Having fun
Friend say's it tastes good and I should have some
Older sister tell's me to pee in her mouth because that's what's supposed to happen
Pee in her mouth, she likes it and says it's "yummy"
Now I'm like ******* .jpg got dick sucked when I was 5
Also Oh God Why I pissed in her mouth.....
#277 to #270 - dmkepicstarzz (12/18/2011) [-]
Same thing happened to me except the pee and pants falling off thing.
But I was 8...
User avatar #275 to #270 - anusholeboner (12/10/2011) [-]
im not accusing but i think that many people think im not telling the truth. people believe me this is a true story im not *********** u
#276 to #275 - rolltherick (12/10/2011) [-]
Trust me mine is too.
#248 to #230 - kidflocka (12/09/2011) [-]
lol did it fell gud ;]
User avatar #252 to #248 - anusholeboner (12/09/2011) [-]
Yeah it did :D
#216 - jessiijellybean (12/09/2011) [-]
>Me, age eleven, completely oblivious to anything sexual in nature
>Finds vibrating egg in my mom's room
>"Mom, what's this?"
>"... I hate the easter bunny, so I disguised a bomb to look like an egg."
>Mother proceeds to turn it on
>"If it vibrates for a long time, it'll explode."
>".. But mommy, Easter isn't for another seven months. Plus, the Easter Bunny isn't real."
>"... Go to your room."
>I skip away merrily.
User avatar #153 - DiabloStrawhat (12/09/2011) [-]
why no McDonalds??! thats mean parenting.
#250 - goonmcnasty (12/09/2011) [-]
>Be 7
>Walk into parents room
>Both in bed, one on top of other
> Say they're "changing sides"
>I walk out oblivious to now-obvious consensual rape
>Walk back in an hour later, back in the same position again
> Say they're changing sides again
>I believe them
>Why was i a 'tarded kid
#213 - MtFatboy (12/09/2011) [-]
you are 			******		 up in the head  
i like it
you are ****** up in the head

i like it
#201 - atbhcedgeafmge (12/09/2011) [-]
>Hanging with friend in 7th grade
>His parent's are gone
>Explore their bedroom
>Look inside closet
>Find odd looking device
>Young minds realize it's a dildo
>Notice it's wet
>Friend runs to toilet, nearly vomiting
>Funniest/most awkward day ever
#203 - bzundell **User deleted account** (12/09/2011) [-]
User avatar #205 to #203 - lenus (12/09/2011) [-]
i made that :D
#187 - lokz (12/09/2011) [-]
This really gave me a feel.
#159 - cashmans (12/09/2011) [-]
front page is full of weird 			****		 today
front page is full of weird **** today
User avatar #177 to #159 - hazardousfool (12/09/2011) [-]
What if we post weird **** in here and post funny things in 4 chan?
#29 - monkeysmist (12/08/2011) [-]
These are the best!
These are the best!
#218 to #138 - breakfastlunch (12/09/2011) [-]
It looks like that person did not heed Buzz's words
#268 - twilightsparklemlp **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#192 - breakfastlunch (12/09/2011) [-]
Am I the only one on Funnyjunk who wasn't completely oblivious about anything sexual and/or never did anything ******* weird like this as a kid?
#184 - Virt (12/09/2011) [-]
only way it could be worse is with awkward situation wood
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