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#202 - neutralgray
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(12/07/2011) [-]
Most christians are aware of the fact that Jesus wasn't born during December. It's as good a time as any to celebrate it though.

By the way, you never actually answered the first posed question. You just took the focus of the holiday off the religious connotation.
#246 to #202 - wtfyourhigh
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(12/08/2011) [-]
My family is atheists but no one on my dad side is. Each Christmas we all get together, and anyone on my dad's side will being a birthday cake, with 'Happy birthday Jesus' write on it, and sing 'Happy birthday Jesus'. They truly believe it's his birthday, it is the saddest thing ever!
#211 to #202 - Aiwatcher
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(12/08/2011) [-]
The only thing religious about Christmas is the name, he's saying.