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#509 - anon id: 73ad846f
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(12/06/2011) [-]
1. **** them.
2. Invisible, **** what people say.
3. Cheetos.
4. White room. Quit after a few years.
5. Saran wrap, just crumple it all up so it works better.
6. Freeman.
7. Endure smell. Probably get used to it eventually or just breathe through my mouth.
8. Fall down stairs. Brother broke my fingers when we were kids slamming them in a door, so **** that.
9. Watch with. Just as awkward as watching a movie with a sex scene in it with them. Awkward but survivable. Porn of them? Can't unsee.
#553 to #509 - eyeofsauron
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(12/06/2011) [-]
I agree with you. I would pick popcorn kernel though. For the stairs, you could also avoid them most of the time, you can't avoid doors easily though.