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#335 - torquemada
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(12/06/2011) [-]
1.) Sex. I don't care whether or not other people think I've had sex or not.
2.) Fly. I'd just be like "watcha gonna do bout it?" to the people below.
3.) Sigh...popcorn kernel. How horrible.
4.) I would do the one for 5 million a year for a year then do the other one for the rest of my life. Winning!
5.) Saran wrap.
6.) Morgan Freeman. His voice is more calming.
7.) Smell a fart all day.
8.) Shut my hand in every open door. I'd wear gauntlets.
9.) Of my parents. I think getting a hard on in front of my parents would be infinitely worse.

This was fun, but next time get some BETTER options in there.