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Would you rather?

models, but be forced to never tell
anyone about it. _
OR spend a night in a hotel
room just chatting with 4
Victories Secret models and
have the whole world think
you slept with them?
Have the ability to
fly, but every time
you flew, you
were naked...
OR have the ability to be
invisible, but anytime you
went invisible, people nearby
would talk sh" t about you?
4 popcorn kernel
in your throat...
OR have
Work your dream job N
for no wages, relying
only on welfare
payments to survive.,
OR sit naked In a completely
empty white room from 8 to 5
Monday to Saturday for
million a year?
Have your life
narrated by
Morgan Freeman...
OR James Earl Jones?
Smell a fart all day, all
the time that nobody
else can smell .
OR have everyone
think you smell like
a fart, but you don' t
smell it?
Fall down every
staircase you av'"'
come across...
OR shut your
hand in every door
you open?
Watch porn with
x your parents... "
OR watch porn
of your parents?
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