Bear got trolled?. Boobs! /funny_pictures/2979466/Divine+Shower/ /funny_pictures/2979031/Mmmuuuuuuuuuuu/. Simon Hears my IO Challenges of Filming Bear in the Wi Bear got trolled? Boobs! /funny_pictures/2979466/Divine+Shower/ /funny_pictures/2979031/Mmmuuuuuuuuuuu/ Simon Hears my IO Challenges of Filming in the Wi
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Bear got trolled?

Simon Hears my IO Challenges of Filming Bear in the Wild
Trying to catch Search film in the wild can be challenging. See what photographer Simon ' s top ‘in memories
have been:
Wishing in Siberia, so I could put my hands back in my gloves.
9. Starting out ankle deep in the swamps , following Bear, and ‘in minutes later, being upto my neck
3. Falling through Mating vegetation in Louisiana and becoming totally submerged while using the unprotected
main camera.
T. Trying to avoid getting bitten by the various snakes. There is think whats in the viewfinder is not
actuallity front ofyou.
E. camera in Indonesia afterthe underwater housing leaked during the stinger's kill. The saltwater should
have ruined it.
5. Falling over at the start ofthe Siberia shoot and smashing another polarizing filter. Thats
a.. Avoiding getting blown trothe mountain by the enormous Russian WIS helicopter as Bear is airlifted at the end of
the Siberia shoot.
3. Nine times out finding a bee' s nest halfway up a climb.
2. Knocking a contact lens out of my eye, then holding it in my mouth while getting into position on the skid ofa
1. We forgotten to press the record after Bear has eaten a disgusting grub. Then
ask him to do it again (quite enjoy that bit actually).
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