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#373 - anon
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(12/06/2011) [-]
FJ, I need to tell you a story. I'm telling you this as anonymous because there is no way I could tell anyone I know, even my closest friends. But I need to tell someone and you're my second family.
I had best start at the beginning of this story. My girlfriend and I had been dating 7 months. It may not seem like long but we're in high school. We've been through a lot. I talked to her about my grandma dying and she has told me about her dad committing suicide and her mom ditching out. We shared everything and I truly did love her. One day me and her are going to breakfast before school and she asks me to text her grandma for her. I type out the message while she is driving and click send to. Her phones has the last three contacts she texted at the top. One of them was her grandma, and another a friend, but the third was a kid she used to talk to. We have had problems with her and him before but a brushed them off. I ask her later why and she said she texted him because she had no one else to talk to (we had been fighting but were better now) and that he had just texted her asking if everything was okay. I said okay whatever, but that's hypocritical when you get mad at me that girls have texted me. Later that day she says we need to talk. I say what and she tells me she has been texting him lately. Her words were, "I can't explain it but I just needed to see if something was there. If there were any feelings between us."
I said that shouldn't matter, we've been dating six months and there's no need to know. We took some time apart but I took her back. I really do love this girl.
A couple weeks later we're at a Haloween party and had both been drinking. She hands me her phone to hold for the night. I'm in the kitchen hanging with some friends and she is in the other room when I look at her phone. I am ashamed I had to creep on her but I still have trust issues from last time and couldn't help. I find more texts from the same guy. Even though last time we fought...
#389 to #373 - Persistence
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Requesting *********************************.jpg
#387 to #373 - anon
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(12/06/2011) [-]
I said if you text this kid again we're done. No matter what. We fight all night and I've been drinking so I take her back. It's a long story I can't get into details, but I say I'm serious. Anything that hapens betwen you two again I'm done.A couple weeks after that she leaves her facebook up on my phone. Again I have to creep but you have to unerstand I have zerotrust in her now. I find messages from a diferent kid that say "It was weird that I saw yo last time with (kid she had been texting befores name) at a haunted house. I thought you had a boyfriend Don't worry I won't tell though."
I'm hurt FJ I love this girl. I ask her three times. I say "Do you promise on our relationship that you haven't had anything to do with this kid besides the two times you texted him?"
She says, "Yeah."
Me- "You promise?"
So I call her later and ask again and she lied again. When I called her out she said Im sorry I lied, I didn't want to hurt you. We broke up. I couldn't do it again. But she keeps texting me and after dating a girl seven months you can't just end things. So we still talk and are kinda working on things.

This is where the story gets interesting.
We had been broken up two weeks talking off and on when she texts me and says, "We need to talk." We talk and she says "I missed my period."
I figure she's lying because she's kinda crazy about me. Anyway, turns out she is pregnant. I'm freaking out. My life would be over. I would have to quit sports and start working. My mom would kill me. I don't know if I want kids ever. Especially in high school.

The Final Chapter: Tonight she calls me freaking out. Saying she has had gross brown flow and a little grey thing came out. She googled it and it was a miscarriage. (Side note I forgot: during the weeks she had been drinking a lot and smoking, which kind of disgusted me.) Now I feel bad, she's crying and everything, but I can't help but smile and feel relieved. This is kind of amazing for me. Am I a terrible person?
#397 to #387 - argonian
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(12/06/2011) [-]
But who was babby?
#386 to #373 - blandknight
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(12/06/2011) [-]
people with a lot of family issues tend to have relationship issues.