Drive-Thru FUN!. Hope you like. l. Drive through the in reverse we let veer passenger weer. 2. price at almost everything on the menu we then weer sem cent ask  drive thru sammiches
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Drive-Thru FUN!

l. Drive through the in reverse we let veer passenger weer.
2. price at almost everything on the menu we then weer sem cent ask
the predetor.
3. Tell the is prawn. Drear we then pay with veer e'er open. When
thefeed semes, roll edwn the waneer we snatch I/ or their hands.
4. ) Mcfc) ' s we remane a Dig at 1 1230 at night. Put up aaight.
5. Payton a large freerun pennies.
s. Drive in circles around the arive thaugh, one item at veer weer bathtime veu pass
the waneer. For wees fun, change clothes, hairstyles, glasses we fake wares with each pass.
T. When asker if they can take veer weer, tell them veu we envi an
e. Leave a pig 4 litre heme at ketchup on veer claret) c) awcl. When asker if veu weile like ketchup
with , laugh few secedes, then acept a serious expression we gesture
to the heme on veer claret) c) arll.
9. Ask the cashier haw they fit into that little he: -i.
10. Drive up to the waneer. Then, without saving anything, produce a . Measure all
aspects ofthe waneer, make a note ofthe measurements in a noted) ) k, then arive oft.
ll. Dem we to speakie the manager. When they come out, complain that veu we catlike the
way the em plover sale, "Maal take veer weer?"
12. When asker if they can take veer weer say, "Ne." Then wine up veer waneer we just sit
there staring straight ahead.
13. r they ask veu to wait, weer anyway we keep eeing it till they yell at we.
14. Drear IO large milkshakes. When they arrive, get out at veer car, Open the penned we pour El
at the milkshakes into the all filler. F' lamothe remaining milkshake onto the pavement, and stare
solemnly at ftfw three outc) ruminates with veer head heme. Then ewe oft. Circle the
1 minute, then ewe pack we ea it again.
when asker to pastor veer weer produce a huge pucket at pennies. Attempted havethe
heap at changeed the cashier, put 'accidentally' erop it all evanthe pavement. Spend Mlle
minutes picking it all up, then when we have collecter it all, pay lav credit care.
16. Altern pt to halter ) . Otter Cds, Cassettes w anything else we have in veer car
including friends and family meanders).
17. Dont weer when they come en. Just outthere. ifs lineman's whine we, get out ofthe car
we cause a scene.
18. When they hand we veer few, hand them a hag with all the trash from veer car in it.
19. Just stare at them when we pay and get wurve: . Dent weak veer stare.
20. Hank veer horn the whale way through the line.
How many of you have actually done
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