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#305 - rainking (12/04/2011) [-]
Christmas Eve ten years ago, my mom had to work on Christmas and she wouldn't get to watch us get our presents from Santa Claus. My parents realized we needed to buy something from the store so the whole family got in the car and went to the store. We got back home after about an hour, and to the astonishment of my brother and I, there were presents under the tree including a gamecube, this game, and Luigi's Mansion. There was a note from Santa that said he left the presents early so the whole family could experience Christmas together. It turns out that while we were at the store my grandma had come in and placed our presents there, but in my little 9 year old mind it was a miracle and irrefutable proof that Santa was real. Since then my parents have divorced and life has gotten a lot more complicated, but that memory will always make me smile no matter how ****** things get. Also, Dr. Mario ftw.
User avatar #1035 to #305 - captainamazingjack (12/05/2011) [-]
I love that story.
User avatar #1045 to #1035 - rainking (12/05/2011) [-]
Thanks. it means a lot.
User avatar #680 to #305 - haxis (12/04/2011) [-]
The year I got my Gamecube with Super Smash Bros. Melee for christmas, two days after, my parents had a fight and police were involved. This game helped me through that time.
User avatar #698 to #680 - rainking (12/04/2011) [-]
It is just one of those games that will always be ingrained in memories of that time in our lives, no matter how good and bad that time actually was.
#346 to #305 - LePedobear (12/04/2011) [-]
tl:dr :p
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