Cute Story. She should have had sammiches in her trunk. A woman and a man are initialised in a car accident on a snowy, cold Monday morning,‘ ts a bad one- Both

Cute Story

Cute Story. She should have had sammiches in her trunk. A woman and a man are initialised in a car accident on a snowy, cold Monday morning,‘ ts a bad one- Both

She should have had sammiches in her trunk

A woman and a man are initialised in a car accident on a snowy, cold
Monday morning,‘ ts a bad one- Both of their cars are totally demolished,
but amazingly neither of them is hurt. God works in mysterious ways
After they crawl out tof their cars. the man is yelling about women drivers.
The woman says, ‘So, you' re a man. That' s interesting. I' m a woman. ' w,
just look at our cars! There' s nothing left, but we' re unhurt. This must be a
sign from God that we should be friends and we in peace tor the rest of our
Flattered, the man replies, 'On yes, l agree completely, this must be a sign
from God! But you' re still at fault... women shouldn' t be allowed to drive.'
The woman continues, And look at Thes, here' s another miracle. My car is
completely demolished but this bathe of wine didn' t break. Surely God
wants as to drink this wine and celebrate our good fortune. She hands the
bottle to the man. The than nods his head in agreement, opens it and
drinks havethe bottle
and then hands it back to the woman. The woman takes the bottle, puts the
cap back on and hands it back to the man The man asks, Ararat you
haying any? The woman replies, ‘No. I think l/ ll gust wait for the police...‘
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#60 - shortbusterrorist **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #1 - jacklemae (03/25/2010) [-]
too bad that was the end of her life right there.
User avatar #2 to #1 - carlosspicywiener [OP](03/25/2010) [-]
How say you?
User avatar #3 to #2 - jacklemae (03/25/2010) [-]
if the story finished it would have said, "don't **** with guy's they're violent and unpredictable when drunk. especially after a car crash."
User avatar #4 to #3 - carlosspicywiener [OP](03/25/2010) [-]
True, but what about the cops?
User avatar #5 to #4 - jacklemae (03/25/2010) [-]
well she'd be dead by then. all they can do is arrest him.
User avatar #6 to #5 - carlosspicywiener [OP](03/25/2010) [-]
Doubt it, why would the guy be mad;how would he kill her; and not all guys are angry drunks.
User avatar #7 to #6 - jacklemae (03/25/2010) [-]
well he'd be pissed after she did that. and choking a bitch has been done many a time.
User avatar #8 to #7 - jacklemae (03/25/2010) [-]
even Wayne Brady has to do it some time.
User avatar #9 to #8 - carlosspicywiener [OP](03/25/2010) [-]
good point. how about we leave it at that, k? it is a good moral, dont make it complicated
User avatar #10 to #9 - jacklemae (03/25/2010) [-]
nothing is never not complicated ;)
User avatar #13 to #10 - theirishinyou (03/26/2010) [-]
only if a woman is involved
User avatar #14 to #13 - jacklemae (03/26/2010) [-]
or if you have 45 voices screaming at the inside of your skull.
User avatar #11 to #10 - carlosspicywiener [OP](03/25/2010) [-]
That was deep man, that was deep
User avatar #12 to #11 - KoeSavant (03/25/2010) [-]
#16 to #12 - BigBoobsMcGoo **User deleted account** (03/26/2010) [-]
Someone hand this man an Internet.
User avatar #70 to #16 - KoeSavant (03/26/2010) [-]
lolz y thankz mr. bigboobsmcgoo!!! :D! thts mah first internetz! XD
User avatar #56 - Arsonist (03/26/2010) [-]
I got rear-ended today.
By a woman.
Too bad she doesn't carry any kind of alcohol in her car.
User avatar #61 to #56 - AlCapwn (03/26/2010) [-]
lucky 4 u...
#51 - chivasrule (03/26/2010) [-]
the first funny pic ive seen in a looonq time on funny junk get thiz to the top!!!!!!!
User avatar #39 - WolfRider (03/26/2010) [-]
i would ********* that bitch
User avatar #57 to #39 - insanityforme (03/26/2010) [-]
lol face rape
#62 to #39 - anon (03/26/2010) [-]
Like your avatar is doing to the air?
User avatar #64 - Kovio (03/26/2010) [-]
Stopped reading after "God works in mysterious ways."
User avatar #67 to #64 - Cinnabonne (03/26/2010) [-]
I almost did too, but your missing out. Just read a little further to the end, ask anyone here,it's ******* worth it.
#50 - anon (03/26/2010) [-]
the next time i get into an accident and mangle my car i'll be sure to have a bottle of wine on me enclosed in a protective casing
User avatar #44 - amadhippie (03/26/2010) [-]
i heard the exact same joke before on this site but it was a rabbi and a priest instead and the rabbi got the priest to drink from the wine bottle with the exact same god wants us to do it line.
#21 - akceltastic (03/26/2010) [-]
User avatar #19 - xxplayguitarxx (03/26/2010) [-]
That's a pretty tight picture.
User avatar #17 - rekiaz (03/26/2010) [-]
screw that you have to have a crapton of wine to get drunk
#15 - Brix **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #35 - destructoid (03/26/2010) [-]
hahaha i was expecting him to say "oh look another miracle my bow of condoms i guess that means were suposed to **** ??"
User avatar #36 to #35 - destructoid (03/26/2010) [-]
sorry *box*
#55 - derpdeederp **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #53 - unholypet (03/26/2010) [-]
The power of ovaries and mammaries conquers all.
User avatar #58 to #53 - happyrooster (03/26/2010) [-]
no. Stop it!!!
User avatar #59 to #58 - unholypet (03/26/2010) [-]
We both know a girl with boobs win. Your name is evidence enough lol
User avatar #30 - RevolverOcelot (03/26/2010) [-]
man: to bad u smashed ur head on ur dashboard and died *pulls out baseball bat from car*
woman: wat r u talki-*smashes her skull in*
#47 - anon (03/26/2010) [-]
id knock her out,put her in the car and pour wine down her mouth.
User avatar #26 - MrTroll (03/26/2010) [-]
If a girl ever did anything like that to me, I would right ******* kick her, like!
#25 - FCftw **User deleted account** (03/26/2010) [-]
Looks like he's *puts on sunglasses* wrecked.
User avatar #46 to #25 - sweetasapplepie (03/26/2010) [-]
no no no.. you have failed!!
User avatar #28 to #25 - LordofBobz (03/26/2010) [-]
i think its better like
i think he's *sunglasses being put on* Smashed!!!
but that still is really good so :/ i dont think this is a sunglasses moment
#76 to #28 - FCftw **User deleted account** (03/27/2010) [-]
#29 - superrocco (03/26/2010) [-]
if a girl ever did that to me i would say: "AY! SHUT YOUR HOLE BEFORE I KICK YOU SQUARE IN THE NUTS!"
User avatar #45 to #29 - sweetasapplepie (03/26/2010) [-]
There is a flaw in your theory...
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