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#31 - machlah (12/01/2011) [-]
Computer in an contact lens, powered by a small charger chip, wich can be located in, or on you. No side effects yet. http://iopscience.iop.org/0960-1317/21/12/125014/pdf/0960-1317_21_12_125014.pdf
User avatar #61 to #31 - ReverB (12/01/2011) [-]
This means you could have a HUD in real life. Do want.
User avatar #36 to #31 - endface (12/01/2011) [-]
Aside from the corneal deterioration in the initial tests?
User avatar #35 to #31 - IntoxicatedHate (12/01/2011) [-]
What if you get a virus that shows you things that cannot be unseen? Even if you close your eyes, it'll still be there. o_o
#128 to #35 - machlah (12/01/2011) [-]
You're on the internet, wich pretty much is the same.
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