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<To those who cry about cyber bullying

we've all have been cyber bullied and bullied others. Just say "cool story bro" and get on with it, jeez. IF you kill yourself over the INTERNET, you deserve to die. Period.
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(12/01/2011) [-]
I'm too lazy to log in, but you anon, have said it.

I was a skinny kid in JHS, stick arms, but I never got bullied. Only by this one fat douche. I picked on him then. Me and my friends would then pick on him. Now in High school, he is in the same HS with me, he never bothers with and if he does, I'll just rock him in his face. I started working out and still do, why? so no one picks on me in the future. Even on the lunch line, some little punks come and act tough to me (I look like I can't fight but I will knock you out) and I don't bother with them, unless they are being complete douchebags.

Most of the time, they are douche assholes that I'll snap in half.

CSB, tl;dr: I was bullied by one kid, was skinny, started working out and now Idgaf about bullies.
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someone needs to give you a medal.