That Akward Moment II. 100% OC that I am aware of The first one ---> /funny_pictures/2890179/That+Awkward+Moment+When/. That awkward moment when you find out awkward skyrim weed Stupid actually okay
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That Akward Moment II

That awkward moment when you find out that
Teah... we tian' t have that here...
That akward moment when the teacher asks you
what the answer is, but you haven* t
been paying attention at all...
Resp! Who did the French fight in the
French and Indian War?”
the Indians?" (i)
That awkward moment when your parents ask
why they found weed in your bedroom...
Herp! Baah Baah Baah Weed Baah Baah Blah!"
That akward moment when you get a present
that you hate...
What you want to say
What you say
That awkward moment when this doesn* t get
front page after all my hard work...
Views: 791 Submitted: 11/28/2011